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Just got them

Great quality. Great pice of kit 👍👍👍👍👍

Waiting for stock

When they will be available?

Great Plates.

I've had these plates (2x20s, 2x15s, 2x5s) for over a year now and they still look great, the 15s are a lot slimmer than my old ones so not only am I able to load more plates onto my barbell but I've also been able to put more plates on my storage sleeves. They are smooth when loading and unloading the bar and the edge gives a nice grip when carrying them. Overall a great weight plate.

Sissy Squat Bench
Lee Hornby
Sissy Squat Bench

Well built and sturdy. Couldn't be built any better.

Solid belt, excellent customer service

Extremely pleased with the support and comfort this belt offers and seems to be excellent value for the money when comparing with other brands/vendors. Lever belts are less 'fussy' than conventional buckle belts and nice and quick to lock before a lift and release afterwards. If you're thinking about getting one, go for it! The guys were very helpful in providing a returns label for an additional item I didn't want after changing my mind after ordering and were super responsive etc.. so v pleased with the overall shopping experience and will defo recommend this company to friends.

BELT SIZE:: 1 x Strength Shop 10mm Lever Belt - IPF Approved-S - 29" - 35" BUCKLE OPTION:: 1 x St...


Good belt

More than enough

Elbow sleeves

Really good kit strong well made and easy to put on


Looks good.

Strengthshop Ireland - Heavy duty pad for riot SS bar.

I purchased the Heavy Duty Pad recently for the riot safety squat bar. I found whilst using the original pads that they could fall off easily and generally felt very thin especially on the upper back / neck. So far I've worked through two squat sessions using the heavy duty pad and the difference is massive. The main thing is the pad is now a single unit and not 3 seperate small pads. It makes the safety squat bar feel much better and far more stable now on my upper back. It also means that we can now do JM presses with the handles taken off if you so wish. I recommend upgrading your riot SS bar with the heavy duty pad if you have the money to do so. I'll keep the original pads in case I ever need to use them again but I highly doubt I will need to as this feels like it's very well built.

60 x 60 jammer arms

What a piece of kit . Much better quality and finish then expected . Very happy


I have a Bodymax CF470 and these fit perfectly and keep the barbell in a much more snug and secure position than the ones that came with the rack. The hooks are powder-coated metal: no rubber - there are rubber-padded bar holders and J-hooks on this site if that's what you want. All I can do is lend my voice to the calls to ask Strength Shop to make more accessories in the 60mm format.

Well worth the money and will help you lift better

I had been using a pair of the Thor Double-Ply knee sleeves for 8 years. In hindsight I had the wrong size (was on the number between sizes and went up). Over time they had become a bit loose and worn. Again I was on the line between sizes, so I went down for these. I also bought a pair of the triple-ply Odin sleeves, partly as a backup, partly because I was sceptical of these: when I think "Neoprene" I think of those silly gloves you can buy from high street sports shops (yes, I made that mistake many many years ago!) I needn't have worried: these are fantastic. They take a bit of a tug to get on (and are even harder to get off, especially when damp) but once on, they keep my knees supported, compressed and warm. I can't imagine squatting any sort of decent weight without them. To get them off, I find it easiest to pull from the top, turning them inside out as they go down the leg, then giving the inside a wipe with a wet cloth before turning them back the right way and standing them to dry. Compared to the Odins, there's less obvious "spring" from the bottom, but freer movement. They are less than half the weight too (316g for the pair versus 635g for the Odins). I think I prefer these for Squatting and the Odins for Deadlifting but really I could get by perfectly well with either one for both lifts. After 5 months of regular use, they've held their shape and there's no sign of loose stitching, fraying or tearing. I'm very happy and may well buy another pair "just in case".

If something breaks, it won't be my knees!

The first thing that struck me about the Odin knee sleeves was their weight (638g for the pair according to my kitchen scales versus 329g for my old Thor sleeves and 316g for my Neoprene ones). Admittedly my old Thor sleeves are 8 years old and may have got a bit worn and loose but I was still surprised at how thick and stiff these Odins are. They take a bit of effort to get on but offer a huge amount of support, compression, warmth and noticeable "spring" from the bottom of the squat. Despite the stiffness, once they're on, I still appear to have a full range of motion - it just feels a lot more reassuring under the heaviest weights.

Solid, comfortable and gives great support.

I've had a Strength Shop 4" wide double prong belt for >10 years and bought the Weightlifting belt a few months ago. The weightlifting belt solved my main problem with the 4" belt (pinching in bottom position of the squat) but I'd been interested in a lever buckle and often wondered whether I was always better suited to a 3" wide belt, so bought this too. Did I need a third belt? No, probably not. Do I regret buying it? No, absolutely not! It's so well made, love the dark red suede finish with the polished red edges. The lever buckle is very secure & has the practical benefit that you can loosen it between sets without the whole belt coming off, then quickly/easily re-close it when ready to go again. The disadvantage is that you need a screwdriver to adjust it, so it wouldn't be suited to keeping in a gym for lots of people to use (unless all your lifters are the same size). However the bolts themselves are quite substantial with nice deep/wide threads so little risk of stripping/cross-threading from repeated adjustment. In use, I prefer this for benching, the weightlifter belt for overhead pressing but cannot decide between them for squatting, which surprised me. The weightlifting belt feels more reassuring when you put it on due to the wide back, but once under the weight, there's no less support. This belt, despite being half an inch wider at the front is no more obtrusive in the bottom position, I guess because there's no buckle sticking out at the sides. Both allow me full range of motion and help me to properly "brace". If you have a relatively short torso, seriously consider this. I'm very happy with it.

Great bit of kit

Heavy duty build quality which I just know I’m getting with SS, feels over built. Took me an hour and a half to assemble myself. Can bench by myself very easily now! Under competition standards. If you are competing this is for you.

very good

excellent quality

Quality product

Thick, durable and comfortable

Great bit of kit.

What a quality bit of kit. Very robust and looks awesome. Came in two days too. I’ve weighed it, came in at 36.2kg but believe me, feels like 50kg on your shoulder!


Sabo pro deadlift shoes

Garage Cage

Had this for over a year…this has been an excellent rack for the £££, I have a timber built gym with low roof and it’s perfect for my needs. Took an hour or 2 to put together with 2 people, pretty straightforward. I’m 5ft 6 so unracking squats is a good fit. Bench press no problem, pull-ups and dips all good as well. Very happy. I upgraded the j cups as the standard ones scuff the bars cosmetically. Happy customer overall no complaints from me. I’m a fan of stength shop gear overall.


The build quality of the belt and buckle is incredible, worth every penny.

Excellent value for money

I picked up a pair of these when there were some listed as B grade and I am not disappointed. They are excellent and do the same job as any full size farmers. Another perfect additional to my garage gym and barely take up any room when not in use.