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Great job only thing is difference in the colour for some reason

Great job for training new ones in deadlift etc

Great bar

Very sturdy bar. Great for the main lifts like squat, deadlift, bench, and press. My clients love it. Knurling is perfect as not too aggressive. Recommend

10mm Single Prong Buckle belt - IPF Approved

Edge Bumper Plates
Voula Karavias
Returned customer

Dealt with this company for many years now. Always helpful, prompt delivery, excellent quality. Highly recommended


Increased squat by 10kg

10mm Lever Belt

Bought as gift - recipient very happy, thank you for quick delivery and high quality goods.

Good belt

Good belt

Original Squat Stands - Black

**** powerbar

Excellent product and service. Thanks strength shop

Quality knee sleeves 👌

Quality product

These are great, solid piece of kit and will last for ages

92" Olympic Bow Bar
Great Bar

Great bar to add to my collection I love training legs so its a must have

Great product!

I measured my knee and decided to follow a comment about getting the size below, my knee measured at 39cm so I went for a large and couldn't get them on so had to send them back and get the XL. I guess it depends on leg sizes as well so I would follow the guide on the website. Overall a great product hit a new squat PR first time wearing them as well :D

Great bar with great knurling

I originally bought a standard Olympic bar during lockdown. It worked but I always felt like it was slipping down my back due to lacking central knurling. Finally decided to get a new bar and went for this one. Great decision and very happy with the product.

Solid belt

Solid belt great for heavy lifting

Decent plates

Decent plates accurately machined so they fit snug with no play unlike some plates around this price range. Quality finish too

COC grippers

Best tool for building a strong grip.

Great wrist wraps

Very sturdy wrist wraps with very strong velcro

Great product

So I actually ordered this product by accident I was a little too hasty with buying a belt I picked the 3” instead of the standard belt I didn’t realise till it came and in my excitement I binned all the packaging and went to the gym and had a great workout. I’m not going to downgrade the belt because I’m an idiot it’s great piece of kit: it’s high quality, robust and most importantly it works. A definite purchase for those wanting a slimmer belt but still with the same high quality that and sturdiness you’d get with a wider belt.


I love it !!

Weight Tree
Excellent product and great customer service

Can’t fault StrengthShop in any way- their products are of excellent quality. I made a mistake when ordering, but the customer services team where helpful and resolved the issue when it came to shipping some small bits I missed (I ordered only single plates instead of pairs 🤦‍♂️)

I wouldn't use any other company.

Strength shop provide the best fit 👌🏾 I wouldn't bother trying any other company for that matter.

Best thing I’ve bought

Ive had a bad knee for some years now but nothing will stop me lifting weights, gym is my life and I’ve been stuck squatting the same weight for weeks now not making any progress because of my knee, I’ve been so frustrated so I done some research and bought these and wow what a game changer, they offer unbelievable support. I can load the weight up now and feel confident and reassured my knee will cope with it. They grip on to you but still enough spring to get full ROM. Highly recommend and recommend to buy these even if your just starting off, you need to protect your joints from the start, don’t make the mistake I did because as you get older it soon catches up with you.

Excellent quality bar

This is my second **** Power Bar and the price has dropped by £60 since I bought the first one. You can't afford not to buy one.