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Olympic Cambered Bench Press / Row Bar

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By providing an extra range of movement beyond what is possible with a straight bar, the Olympic Cambered Bench Press Bar introduces a new level of intensity to your exercises. The cambered design creates an unstable load, challenging your control and pressing power far more than traditional straight bars. This makes it an excellent bench press accessory and an effective hypertrophy tool for building a strong chest.

The Cambered Bench Press Bar can also add an interesting twist to squats. The unique shape and the forward shift in the bar's centre of gravity require a tighter form in the squat's bottom position. By regularly training with a cambered bar, you can improve your core strength and stability in the squat. 


  • Length: 220cm
  • Shaft diameter: 28mm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Rated capacity: 250kg


How does the Cambered Bench Press Bar change the bench press exercise?
The bar adds an extra range of movement and creates an unstable load, making it tougher to control and press off the chest compared to a straight bar. 

Can this bar be used for exercises other than bench presses?
The cambered bar is also great for improving stability and core strength in the squat.

Is the bar suitable for all skill levels?
Yes, the bar can be used by both beginners and advanced lifters. However, due to the unstable load of the cambered bar, it’s important to start with a weight far lighter than what you’d use on a traditional straight barbell. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Josh Shepley
Cambered bench press

Bought it for more range of motion on the bench press, love it. Get more stimulus with a fraction of the weight, tried it for bent over row but doesn’t feel right for me

My favourite specialty bar!

Had this camber bar for a few years now and it is an absolute staple of my chest hypertrophy training. The additional RoM provides an insane stretch, perhaps a little better than DBs, but maintains the stability and loadability of a barbell.

It's obviously not the same quality as an expensive olympic bar but it has absolutely no reason to be, especially given then great price.

I 100% recommend this bar.

Makes rows better!

The camber in this bar gives you that little bit extra range of movement allowing you to really engage those back muscles. Excellent bar!

Superb bar

used this bar once at my friends home gym to press, and once at berlin strength for rows. Great bar, well made, deep camber - really challenging, and gets even more so the closer the grip you take. Real eye opener, great for conditioning and protecting your shoulders and pecs through training carefully with it. Also brilliant for rows, and bench rows. Desperate to get myself this for my own home gym when it is back in stock!