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10mm Lever Belt - Black - IPF Approved

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Size: XS - 24" - 30"
Buckle: Black (standard)

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Comes standard with a Steel Lever Buckle, which has a lifetime warranty

Lift with confidence – for support and stability

A high-quality lifting belt is an essential accessory for many strength athletes. Our popular 10mm Lever Belt is designed to give you support and stability during your lifts without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable. With a lever design, you simply need to set your belt size once, and you can take it on and off without adjusting.

The 10mm lever belt is IPF approved, making it ideal for competitive powerlifters – as well as bodybuilders and strong(wo)men.

Made from high-quality materials

We are market leaders in using Amara synthetic leather, as it makes for a firm yet comfortable lifting belt. The 10mm lever belt is available in a wide range of sizes and is suitable for all lifting levels – from beginners to competitive athletes. The 10mm lever belt is used with our steel buckles: a combination that's been used in competitions to lift loads of over 400kg. For added confidence, we offer a lifetime performance warranty on our buckles.

Want extra support? Our 7mm Inferno Neoprene Knee Sleeves are ideal for protecting your knees. IPF approved.


  • Material: Premium Amara synthetic leather 
  • Closure: Steel Buckle
  • Width: 10cm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Colour: black
  • IPF approved


XS 24"- 30"
S 29"- 35"
M 34"- 39"
L 38"- 43"
XL 40"- 45"
XXL 43"- 47"

Reviews: what others say about our belts

Not sure what size you need? Watch our guide:


What’s the benefit of a lever belt?
​​Lifting belts are made to support your spine by increasing pressure in your core. By using a belt, you increase the intra-abdominal pressure in your body– meaning you can lift more weight and help prevent injuries. However, it’s not a replacement for proper lifting technique. 

Unlike belts with one or two prongs, lever belts only need to be adjusted the first time you use them. This makes it faster and easier to put on and take off the belt without fiddling with the prongs each time.

Should I choose the 10mm or 13mm Lever Belt?
Both belts offer substantial support. The main difference is that the 13mm belt has extra material, making it slightly thicker and offering slightly more support. If you're a beginner or haven't used a lifting belt before, you might find the 10mm belt more comfortable.

How does the warranty work?
The stainless steel buckles come with a Lifetime Performance Warranty. This warranty covers performance-related issues. You can read our full terms and conditions here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
ollie Huntley

10mm Lever Belt - Black - IPF Approved

Michael Taylor
Great belt, worth the price

I upgraded from an old RDX belt I got on amazon about 5 years ago, which has served the purpose until now with bulking and lifting heavier weights. The belt felt a bit weird to begin with but once I found the right adjustment and position, it works soo well. The lever clasp is great, you can relax the belt in between sets but don’t have to take it off. Recommend to anyone that’s looking for better safety with a belt and higher quality!

Kellie Quinn
Great product. Great price.

I was recommended this by my PT. I had no clue what type to buy. This is really comfortablevsndcwell made. Very pleased.

Sean McCarthy
10mm lever belt

Always top notch from Strength Shop, I’ve had singlets, belts, Knee sleeves, wraps, nose tork, Deadlift slippers etc , now a lever belt , great service, great products 👍🏻

Joseph Cheung
its good

Feels nice, helps with my lifts but sometimes I don't know where I should place the clip (tighter or more loose or perfect)