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Zeus Wrist Wraps - Red/White/Black Camo - IPF Approved

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Length: 30cm (12")

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The Strength Shop Zeus Medium Wrist Wraps offer a high level of support without compromising on comfort. Featuring a 5 cm wide Velcro strap and a 1 cm wide thumb loop with a length of 60 cm. These wrist wraps are IPF-approved, so are suitable for competitive powerlifting.

Priced per pair. 


Enhanced wrist stability: Wrist wraps maintain the wrist in a neutral position during lifting, promote proper form, and prevent overextension. This enhances stability, particularly when holding bars or weights.
Pain prevention: Wrist wraps alleviate pressure on the joints and provide added support, effectively preventing pain during lifting sessions.
Improved strength: The additional support from wrist wraps allows you to push your wrist and forearm strength beyond normal limits, helping you hit new PRs.
Helps with recovery: Wrist wraps play a crucial role in the rehabilitation process by offering support and reducing stress on the joints and surrounding muscles during lifting movements. This contributes to a speedier recovery, especially for those returning to lifting after an injury.


Should I choose medium, light, or heavy wrist wraps?
The choice depends on your training preferences. If you’re after a balance between support and flexibility, Zeus (Medium) Wrist Wraps are a good choice. For those seeking maximum support and rigidity, we also offer Heavy Wrist Wraps, Super Heavy Wrist Wraps, or Riot Extra Thick Wraps. Light Wrist Wraps offer a lighter option with enhanced flexibility.

How do I care for my Medium Wrist Wraps?
To maintain the quality of your wrist wraps, hand wash them in cool water using a gentle detergent. After washing, gently press out any excess water and allow them to air dry flat. Avoid using bleach and refrain from machine drying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Stroner
Zeus wrist straps

Amazing product, wrists are super stable - can feel the benefit when benching for sure. Would recommend

Lorenz Lekgegaj

Zeus Wrist Wraps - Red/White/Black Camo - IPF Approved