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Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps - IPF Approved

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Length: 30cm (12")

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The Strength Shop Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps are our thickest and most supportive wrist wraps. IPF-approved and ideal for Strongman training, these wraps feature a robust design that ensures maximum wrist support during heavy lifting sessions. The 5cm wide Velcro strap and 1cm wide thumb loop lock your wrists securely in place.

Priced per pair.


Enhanced wrist stability: Wrist wraps maintain the wrist in a neutral position during lifting, promote proper form, and prevent overextension. This enhances stability, particularly when holding bars or weights.
Pain prevention: Wrist wraps alleviate pressure on the joints and provide added support, effectively preventing pain during lifting sessions.
Improved strength: The additional support from wrist wraps allows you to push your wrist and forearm strength beyond normal limits, helping you hit new PRs.
Helps with recovery: Wrist wraps play a crucial role in rehabilitation by offering support and reducing stress on the joints and surrounding muscles during lifting movements. This contributes to a speedier recovery, especially for those returning to lifting after an injury.


What wrist wraps should I choose? 
Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps are our thickest straps, tailored for super-heavy lifting. We also stock Super Heavy Wrist Wraps, Heavy Wrist Wraps, Medium Wrist Wraps, and Light Wrist Wraps. Thicker wrist wraps offer more support but at a cost to flexibility and mobility. 

Are Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps the most supportive wraps in the Riot range?
Yes, Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps stand as the most supportive wraps in the Riot range. 

How do I care for my Riot Extra Thick Wrist Wraps?
To maintain the quality of your Riot Super Heavy Wrist Wraps, hand wash them in cool water using a gentle detergent. After washing, gently press out any excess water and allow them to air dry flat. Avoid using bleach and refrain from machine drying.

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