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Riot Safety Squat Bar - Heavy Duty Pad

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The new and improved replacement pads for our Riot Olympic Safety Squat Bar come as a one-piece, rather than single pieces. Made from synthetic black leather which is super durable. It’s closed with one strong Velcro in the back of the bar. The inner cushioning is 4cm thick and has a medium resistance so that the padding sits comfortably even with heavy loads on the back. This pad is specifically fitted to our Riot Safety Olympic Squat Bar.

As the pad is one piece with a very strong Velcro fastening, this minimises any potential movement of the bar/pad on the back and due to the overall firmer materials used over the standard pads this gives an overall better and more secure feeling across the back.

Safety Squat Bars are also great to perform box squats. For a super stable and adjustable solution, see our Adjustable Plyo/Squat Box.

  • Colour: black
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Measurements (LxW): 34.5cm x 42cm
  • 4cm thick & firm cushion
Please note: Barbell is not included. Picture with the barbell is for demonstration purposes

Customer Reviews

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Strengthshop Ireland - Heavy duty pad for riot SS bar.

I purchased the Heavy Duty Pad recently for the riot safety squat bar. I found whilst using the original pads that they could fall off easily and generally felt very thin especially on the upper back / neck. So far I've worked through two squat sessions using the heavy duty pad and the difference is massive. The main thing is the pad is now a single unit and not 3 seperate small pads. It makes the safety squat bar feel much better and far more stable now on my upper back. It also means that we can now do JM presses with the handles taken off if you so wish. I recommend upgrading your riot SS bar with the heavy duty pad if you have the money to do so. I'll keep the original pads in case I ever need to use them again but I highly doubt I will need to as this feels like it's very well built.