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Adjustable Plyo/Squat Box - Red/Black

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A plyometric box is perfect for athletes looking to enhance their explosive power and improve their cardio through exercises such as box jumps. Here are some of the benefits of using a plyo box: 

Versatile workouts: Can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises and is particularly good for unilateral jumps, single-leg squats, step-ups, and barbell box squats. 

Increased power: Work on generating explosive power by training your fast-twitch muscle fibers through jumps.

Improved agility: Improve your coordination and agility with dynamic movements that engage multiple muscle groups.


Instead of purchasing multiple plyo boxes of different heights, our Adjustable Plyometric Box provides the same benefits in one compact, cost-effective unit. 

This adjustability makes it easy to change your jump height or adjust your box for a new exercise (such as warming up with box jumps and then moving on to barbell box squats.


Top plate dimensions: 433 mm x 433 mm
Adjustable height: From 283 mm to 403 mm. 3 cm jumps and 5 holes (with 120mm between first and last).
Weight: 25 kg
Tube size: 75 mm x 75 mm
Material: Steel
Load capacity: Rated to 750 kg
Adjustment: Five holes for height adjustment


How does the adjustable height benefit my training?
Adjustable heights make it easy to adjust the box height as you progress. For instance, you can increase the height of your box jumps without buying a new piece of equipment, which can be expensive and take up space.  

Is adjusting the height of the box complicated?
The box features a straightforward pin adjustment system, allowing quick and secure height changes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joshua Pitt
Much better value than a wooden plyo box

Never understood why wooden plyo boxes are so expensive so I bought this instead. Solid and heavy, and doesnt tip over. 1 star off because it isnt as static as I hoped, it is a bit wobbly due to the adjustability, would be 5 stars if it was a bit more snug and less shaky.


Very sturdy squat box very good quality delivery was also fast I would recommend

Good for my box squats

My squat form has been lacking lately, so my coach has prescribed box squats. I bought this because it looked sturdy and is adjustable. Putting it together was easy and it really is a solid piece of kit. I feel confident using it for box squats, more so than in my actual squat form!