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Pro Wrist Wraps - Gold - IPF Approved

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Length: 30cm (12")
Color: Gold

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Competition-Grade Wrist Wraps

The sleek and professional gold design of our Medium PRO Wrist Wraps is sure to impress, and with a 12cm long Velcro, fully seamed, you'll have a secure and comfortable fit every time you use them. With left-right markings, the wrist wraps can be worn-in quickly on the given wrist and ensure a consistent training experience. Additionally, the thumb loop allows them to be easily put-on and adjust the tightness of these high-performance wrist wraps, to match your needs during workouts. 

Both variations, 30cm length and 60cm length, are not just a good pick for training but do meet the IPF standards, are IPF approved and can be worn in competitions.

Don't let wrist pain stop your progress

Designed to support, stabilize and improve your training, they can help to prevent overuse and injuries like wrist sprains, strains and tendonitis. Our thick and durable high-performance wrist wraps provide strong support without being overly rigid. 

✓ Ideal for sports like: Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and lighter kinds of Strong(wo)man training. 

Out of the two available lengths, you can choose the amount of support you need. The longer versions allow for more wrap-arounds, thus increasing stability, but stiffness, too. 

Which exercises do the Wrist Wraps help with?

Using wrist wraps can significantly improve your joint position during lifting by avoiding hyperextension. Benefit from using wrist wraps for any kind of pressing and overhead movements. But don’t miss out on utilizing the wrist wraps to maximize your squat output, specifically low bar squats. The wraps can absorb a good fraction of the load, instead of it going into your elbows and wrists. This enables you to keep a closer grip and keep your upper back tighter, reducing the possibility of the bar moving during squats.

Unbeatable combo: match these wrist wraps with the all black Notorious Lift – Sumo Sole Gen 3, Blackout.  


  • Colour: Gold
  • Available in three lengths: 30cm, 60cm or 90cm
  • 12cm Velcro, plus thumb loop
  • Incl. black mesh bag
  • Features left-right markings
  • Medium-fabric mix: Cotton 45%, Rubber 45%, Polyester 10%

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