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Wrist Wrap Buying Guide

Wrist wraps are an important accessory for providing support to your wrist during training.

We have many colours and styles available which can be overwhelming at first, but using this guide you will get the right pair for you.

All of our wrist wraps feature a thumb loop to help hold the start of the wrap in place while you apply the rest of the wrap round it. And they all feature velcro to secure the end of the wrist wrap in place.

We offer 4 different tensile strengths of wrist wrap shown below, and we also provide 4 lengths of wrist wrap (30cm, 60cm, 80cm & 90cm) - to put it simply, the stiffer and longer the wrap, the more your wrist will be supported - but this comes at a cost of less flexibility in the joint during use, and can also be uncomfortable for some users.


 Hercules Range (Light)

Our lightest wrap - maximum comfort and range of movement in the wrist joint. Excellent for users who are new to wraps and want light support for general gym training. Also great for Olympic Weightlifters where range of motion matters.

 Zeus Range (Medium) - IPF Approved

Noticeably stiffer than the Hercules wrap, Zeus wrist wraps are ideal for beginner Powerlifters and when you start wanting to protect your wrists for heavy pressing. A great middle ground if you're wanting good support without sacrificing comfort. IPF Approved - so these wraps can be used in International Powerlifting Federation competitions.

 Thor Range (Heavy) - IPF Approved

Favoured by Powerlifters, our Thor wraps are IPF Approved and much stiffer than the Hercules/Zeus wraps, offering excellent support. They help ease the strain during Heavy Squats and provide the boost you need for heavy bench pressing. Also great for Overhead Press and Overhead Strongman events. These are competition level wraps.

 Odin Range (Super Heavy)

If you are looking for super heavy support our Odin Wraps are extremely stiff providing the great support for heavy lifts. Ideal for Strongman training and maximum support in Powerlifting / Bench Press. These wraps lock your wrists in place.

 Riot Range (Extra Thick Maximum Support)

If you are looking for maximum support, you've found it. Our Riot Wraps are the stiffest of all our wraps, providing the greatest support. These are the thickest of all our wrist wraps as well for added support. Ideal for Strongman training and maximum support in Powerlifting / Bench Press. These wraps lock your wrists in place.