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Strength Shop Brushed Steel Lever Buckle w/lifetime warranty

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If your lever buckle gets accidentally damaged on your trusted belt, no need to fork out money for a whole new one - you can now just replace the buckle, extending the lifespan of your belt, and saving you money at the same time!

These buckles are made from steel rather than cast iron, and are supplied with a lifetime warranty. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Brushed Steel for a great looking finish!

*Please note these levers may not be 100% perfect cosmetically, due to them being part machined and part hand finished, so there may be some cosmetic imperfections but these will not effect how the lever performs
Only issues that effect the overall performance of the buckle are covered under the Lifetime Warranty. Warranty is valid with an order number/receipt for the purchasing customer only, and are non-transferable. Cosmetic issues are not covered by the warranty.
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