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Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Golden Tides - Smelling Salts

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The FIRST ever commercial grade smelling salts - BEAR DOWN STEEL.

BDS Gold Edition:
- For Advanced BDS users only
- Dry Activated
- Potency - keep the F*%k Away
- Capacity - 400ml
- Steel Gold Bottle
- Steel Lid
- Original artwork by Travis Rogers

Bear Down Steel Golden Tides is the top tier level of strength and should be used by only advanced BDS users only as the potency of these salts is extremely strong, the strongest salts that we currently offer.

Bear Down Steel was built to take a beating and sustain consistent back to back use. A example would be public use at a powerlifting/strongman gym or platform. It’s meant to sustain being used repeatedly over and over without quickly dying like most regular bottles out there. The bottle is very durable , won’t leak, and has a much longer life span.

How to get the longest life out of my Bear Down Steel?
  • Make sure the seal is intact at the top of the lid (Loose or cracked seals will cause the bottle to leak and kill the bottle quickly)
  • Make sure the lid is on TIGHT after each use
  • Shake before each use and hit the bottom of the bottle (to get everything to the bottom of the bottle.)
  • You don't have to completely remove the lid - Cracking the top can hit just as strong
  • Always remember to keep the bottle a full arm's length away from your face!!!
  • For the biggest hit: Wait 5-10 seconds after shaking to crack the bottle

Purified Na2CO3
Purified NH4Cl

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nicholas wintle
Hot or Miss

Sometimes the salts are strong then there’s times I get Nothing .. so basically it’s a default our there ****

All the best nick