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Zeus Knee Wraps

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Length: 2 metres

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Strength Shop 'Zeus' heavy knee wraps (price per pair).

Strength Shop 'Zeus' heavy knee wraps, 2 & 2.5m length design without velcro.

Great support for your knees whilst squatting/lifting helping you increase the amount of weight that you can lift!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Douglas mcarthur

Fantastic what a difference squatting ….perfect


Never used wraps before but my knees have been a bit achy recently so thought I'd try these out. Huge difference in form and depth, dunno if it's because I'm not thinking about my knees but squatting just feels easier! Granted, I'm not pushing big weights but I can see these helping me progress a lot faster. 33% off too! Strength shop team a pleasure to deal with as always

Big Joe
A must for heavy knee support

I've had these wraps for around 9 months or so, since deciding to train/compete as a strongman and I must say these wraps are a great support whilst going heavier than you're used to going. They also seem to give a psychological advantage (to me anyway) in the lift, you kinda know, if you've gone slightly heavier than you should (we all have), that you're not gonna explode your knees into physio. As with all the other strength shop products you know you're getting good quality and its not gonna drop to bits within a week. The elasticity in these wraps allow you to tighten the wrap between quite loose up to numb lower leg depending on the weight across your back. I'd say these wraps are a good moderate starter on your way to the thors, a very good price for what you are getting.

good wraps

Really good quality and arrived pretty quickly. Very useful tool for >90% squats as they do really increase the weight you can push

Great product

Used these last night after using a SCHIEK pair for a few years. These are cheaper but much better quality. Really enjoyed using them as they give a good level of support. I squat around 100kg which isn't a lot I'm aware but for anyone who like me just wants to be safe when they squat then these are a great addition to your gym bag.