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Z☠️NE Norse Blood - Advanced - Smelling Salts

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Z☠️NE Norse Blood - Advanced Version

Norse Blood is the first ever red ammonia to hit the market. This unique 9 ingredient formula is designed to take the flight or fight response of smelling salts to a entirely new level. Allowing nasal passages to really open up and rapidly increase the effects of the ammonia. Dry Activated and Ready to use.

This is the advanced version of Norse Blood which is over 2x bigger and HITS HARD. Ideal for those who like an extremely potent hit of ammonia. EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY.

Keep Away from Children.
Avoid contact with eyes, mouth or open wounds.
If new to smelling salts start at a full arm's length away.
Do not use if allergic or pregnant. Consult a physician before use.
Use with caution and only as directed.

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Best salts

These are awesome , best salts on market