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Webbing Safety Catchers for Thor Power Cage / Garage Power Cage

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Webbed Safety Catchers for Thor Power Cage & Garage Power Cage (60mm Box Section)

The best safety catchers for Barbell health. Provides a much softer landing which is better for the Bar and User.

The safety belt allows a softer landing saving your barbell in an event of a missed rep. The length of the belt makes it possible to place the belt in an angle too so you can let the barbell roll away from yourself in case of failure.

Rated to: 500 kg static pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Boyles
No UHMW plastic

Well constructed but I think for the price they should have UHMW plastic inserts to protect the rack.

These are great.

I bought these when I got my cage, far easier to remove and adjust than the standard safety bars, depending on what I'm doing, sometimes I remove just one side, and throw them out of the way. I set mine so they are at a staggered height, I reckon a slope for the bar to roll on will remove some impact if I drop the bar. Also, they make a convenient and comfortable perch to rest on in between sets whilst crying/ vomiting/ trying to maintain consciousness!!

Bloody well baller!

These are such a nice bit of kit, just buying these will, if you're like me and my housemate, feel like a huge upgrade to your power cage.