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Toast Rack with handle and change plate storage

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This is your classic Bumper Plate Toast Rack. It allows you to store your plates in pairs horizontally, rather than stacking them vertically or leaning against the wall. Stored this way, you’ll have easy access to all plates regardless of the order you need them in. The spacing is specifically built for our olympic style bumpers but will also do for other plates, please check the spacing-measurements below. In total, there are five spaces for each pair of plates, ranging from 25er down to 5er plates. For the change plates/fractional plates there is an extra sleeve. Excluding handles and wheels this rack is 109.7cm in length and 46.4cm in width. The fractional plate sleeve has a loadable length of 14cm and a diameter of 48mm to be suitable for all plates, with a 50mm opening.

Whether you train in- or outside, this storage lets you move your plates with ease for a quick change of your set-up. Two wheels and a big handle help make this process effortless, your plates are moved in one go and can either be pulled or pushed. Plus, if the space requires a quick clean the plates are moved efficiently out of the way.

The perfect fit to your Bumper Plate Toast Rack: Strength Shops matching Coloured Riot Bumper Plates.

  • One 110mm space
  • Two 160mm spaces
  • Two 230mm spaces

  • Five spaces, plus fractional plate sleeve
  • Measurements w/o handle & wheels: L109.7cm x W46.4cm
  • Fractional sleeve length: 14cm (loadable)
  • Fractional sleeve diameter: 48mm
  • Colour: black
  • Wheels and handle to move
  • Bumper Plates and fractional plates not included, photo for illustration purposes only