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Thick EZ Olympic Curl Bar

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Strength Shop Thick EZ Olympic Curl Bar.

Features extra thick 50mm diameter shaft to engage the grip and forearms more for an insane full arm workout. This bar is a must if you are serious about arm training.

Overall Length - 120cm
Shaft Diameter - 50mm
Weight - 13kg
Plate holder length- 20cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great build quality and value for money

This bar is brilliant - I’d been using the fat silicon grips on my standard EZ bar for some time but found they didn’t work that well with heavy weight. This bar has been beautifully made and for what it is, is very reasonably priced. There are a couple of cheaper bars on the market but they lack rotating cuffs. Aside from the excellent quality and speedy delivery, training with this bar even for only a couple of weeks has resulted in some serious muscle growth. If you want to pack on arm mass and develop an amazing grip I’d 100% recommend this bar.

Thick EZ bar

Purchased this EZ bar from Strength shop and I am very happy with it. Amazing value as with most of the strength shop products. I got this on a special price drop but even at the current £99.99 price its unbelievable value. If you compare this to Watson they want £145+ vat for one with out revolving sleeves. The one with revolving sleeves on a 2inch bar is £235+ vat, that's £304.56. Judging by products I've had from Watson in the past, I can't really see it being any better than Strength shops EZ bar and if it is, it certainly will not be worth just over £200 more in price in my opinion. This is a quality product from Strength shop at a very reasonable price. Also the delivery was very fast as always.

Él Camel
Like I said, this EZ Curl Bar is a work of art, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a cu...

I'm an "old" guy now that has been down for nearly 15 years, and after doing some searching and reviewing, thus curl bar seemed a perfect fit for my needs. This bar is more than excellent in all check boxes, it is a work of art. Combined with the superior customer service I received and fast shipping, I am a happy guy. Looking to get back to the real world, and now I have more motivation than ever to do so.

Serious arm builder gear

This is a great piece of kit. Good solid construction with a lovely weight to it. Smooth revolving chromed sleeves with logo end cover plates that look and feel top notch. Using it is a safe and solid experience. It really has a lovely feel to it. I have wanted one of these fat EZ bars since I first saw them on the Watson site. Look at the difference in price though. Pretty much the same as theirs but a far better deal. I would usually say that you get what you pay for, but in this case I definitely got more than I paid for. How the hell you make any profit on these is a mystery. I am grateful for the offer price (69.99) and would highly recommend this at full price. I usually have fat grips on an EZ bar as they are essential for a good arm workout, but they do shift about under heavy weight. With a light dusting from a resin pad this is glued to the palms of my hands. I use this with solid alloy bulldog clamps and it looks like it could handle being run over by a tank. Overall length 47 inches. Black grip area 27.5 inches and sleeve loading length 8 inches. Grip diameter 2 inches. As usual, thanks Lads for more great kit that will take a pounding. I'll be back!