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Original Texas Power Bar By Buddy Capps - Now with Chrome Coated Sleeves

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The Texas power bar is one of the best there is and unlike generic/cheaper bars, is built to last. The Texas Power Bar was developed by Buddy Capps (a Texas powerlifter, expert machinist and innovator) more than 30 years ago and has since become the standard in powerlifting.

Previously these bars were sold with bare steel sleeves. Bars sold from 11th April 2020 now feature chrome coated sleeves to help prevent rust

There are power bars and then there are Texas Power Bars.

Many companies sell power bars these days, but few can withstand the test of time and heavy use like the Texas Power Bar by Buddy Capps.

The first Texas Power Bars were made in 1980 by Buddy Capps - Texas powerlifter, expert machinist and innovator.

Buddy forever changed powerlifting with his special steel formula and revolutionary sleeve design, and his bars have been used ever since by thousands of powerlifters and powerlifting competitions worldwide. Texas bar owners can be proud to be a part of the long lineage of this classic backbone of the sport.

The Texas Power Bar was the first, and arguably still is the best power bar.

Shaft Coating: Rust resistant and non-slip zinc oxide.


• Weight - 20kg
• Length - 218.5cm
• Shaft - Sprung Tempered Steel
• Shaft Diameter - 28.5mm
• Distance Between Rings - 810mm
• Loadable Sleeve Length - 370mm
• Centre Knurling? - Yes
• Knurling Type - Coarse
• Sleeve Type - Brass Bushings
• Recommended Max Load/Rating - 1500lbs Static rating, 190K PSI Tensile strength. No maximum load for Powerlifts - any weight.
• Warranty - Manufacturers 10 years workmanship and materials warranty under normal use.

Sleeves are made up of one piece construction with no bolts to lose, and have brass bushings that never require maintenance.

This bar is well suited to any powerlifting application. It is one of the strongest, most robust bars on the market, and is virtually maintenance free.

The Texas Power Bar is the official competition bar of the Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) and the International Powerlifting Organization (IPO) and used in many other federations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The Porsche 911 of Barbells

Absolutely worth the extra cash. As any experienced lifter will know, if there's one area not to scrimp on - it's the barbell. A good barbell will stand the test of time and this does exactly that, with it's aggressive knurling, neat oxide coating and thick-buckled smoothly rotating chrome-covered sleeves. This bar is not only for elite powerlifters, this is a general use bar although it will take a few weeks to get used to the deep knurling. Dispatched and delivered within a few days; the Strength Shop service, especially during this pandemic, has been nothing short of outstanding.

Must have for serious powerlifters

Have always used old Texas bars in the gym. During the Coronavirus and adapting to home training I new I had to get the Texas bar. Absolutely beautiful bar and tough as they come. Ordered on a bank holiday, arrived on Wednesday, phenomenal service during the current crisis.

Best bar for your bucks

Best purchase ever - upgraded from a basic York bar that hand little or no knurling, so always used chalk. I've never had to do this with the Texas. Use this for Squats, Deads and Bench. Hands do get roughed up now and then, but the aggressive knurling helped you dig deeper for rep. Deadlift version of this bar is longer and has more whip. This is pretty solid and though had a bend under load, returns true every time. Totally worth it and holds its value - I've seen used ones sell for close to new price from Strength Shop. Best price on market. Only negative was UPS delivered and tube was ripped open. But bar okay, just unlucky with courier.


Used this bar at a new gym that was set up. You can NEVER complain this bar has no knurling. Great for deadlifts, not too whippy, suitable for deadlifts, bench, squats, shoulders... An EXCELLENT all-round bar, regardless of money. The price is just another reason to buy this over other bars. On the downside, I have ripped the skin off my thumbs and shins.


I got this bar 2 months back after much consideration of cheaper and more expensive bars. It still cost me a pretty penny once converted to euros but I've only got one word. Exellent! I love the feel and the knurling is superb. Some reports say too sharp but has caused no issue for me squatting or heavy deads for reps. If you're thinking of spending 300 on a bar wait a little while and get this. Other bars I've used dont compare.My only worry now is that competition bars live up to it. Chris/Ireland./ thanks lads