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Hercules Knee Wraps - Black

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Length: 2 metres

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The Hercules Knee Wraps offer a unique blend of support and flexibility. They are more pliable than most wraps, allowing for a range of movement while still providing essential support. This makes them ideal for dynamic lifts like farmers' walks, yoke carries, and squats. The wraps are available in two lengths – 2m or 2.5m.

Priced per pair.


Knee wraps have several benefits: 

Improved stability: Knee wraps provide crucial support to your knees during heavy squats and lifts, helping to stabilise the joint, so you can lift with confidence. 
Increased blood flow: The compression from knee wraps stimulates blood flow to the knees, promoting better circulation. Improved blood flow aids in faster recovery, reducing muscle soreness and enhancing overall performance.
Reduced chance of injury: Knee wraps act as a protective layer for your knees, offering cushioning and support to the tendons and muscles. This reduces the risk of strains and sprains, especially during demanding workouts.


How do I care for my Normal Black Knee Wraps?
Hand wash your knee wraps in cool water with a gentle detergent. After washing, gently press out any excess water and allow them to air dry flat. Avoid using bleach and refrain from machine drying to maintain their quality.

Should I use Normal Black Knee Wraps or Heavy Knee Wraps?
The choice depends on your training preferences. If you value flexibility over support, opt for Normal Black Knee Wraps. If you prioritise maximum support and rigidity, Heavy Knee Wraps (or Super Heavy Knee Wraps) might be the better choice for training.