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Figure of 8 Lifting Straps - Heavy Duty

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Size: Small

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Improve your lifts with our Figure-8 Heavy Duty Lifting Straps, designed to improve your grip and distribute weight evenly across your wrists. The unique figure-8 design reduces setup time at the bar and removes the risk of the straps slipping.

Our Figure-8 Straps are simple to use, helping you to maintain your focus on the lift rather than the gear. They’re perfect for novice lifters, bodybuilders, as well as seasoned powerlifters.


Unlike cheaper straps, our Figure-8 Heavy Duty Lifting Straps have been designed with the elite lifter in mind. Utilising high-grade materials, these straps provide both the durability to withstand intense workouts and the comfort to ensure they never hold you back from achieving your personal best. 

Click below for a video testing the strength of our straps and a guide on how to use them. 


Material: Heavy-Duty Fabric (95% cotton, 5% polyester)
Design: Figure-8


Size Wrist Measurement
Small up to 6.9"
Medium up to 7.5"
Large up to 8.1"
XL up to 8.7"


What’s the benefit of the Figure-8 design?
The Figure-8 design of our lifting straps offers enhanced grip support and weight distribution, meaning you can lift more weight.

How do these straps improve my lifting experience?
Our Figure-8 Straps give you a secure grip on the barbell and stops the bar from slipping from your grip.

Who can benefit from using these straps?
The Figure-8 Heavy Duty Lifting Straps are designed for elite lifters but can be used by anyone looking to increase their lifting capacity. They are particularly popular among strongmen and powerlifters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Figure of 8 Lifting Straps - Heavy Duty

Veronica Martinez
Great stuff!!

I wish I had bought them sooner! They’re the best straps I’ve ever owned. Easy to use, and they do not get in the way of your set up. The material feels really well-thought of, strong and it would last me for a long time. Because of the them, I managed to do a PB of 95 kg in deadlift as my grip has always been a limitation. But not anymore!

Simon Green
Heavy duty figure of eight lifting straps

Deadlift was failing due to grip limitations, im not a fan of the conventional straps so wanted to try the figure of eight straps. Game changer for me easy to use and impossibly strong. Only wish I bought them from strength shop first, like the rest of my gear! (I Bought from a reseller, as one size turns out they were small ! ). All good recommend to those lifting dead's and rows at high intensity where chalk and conventional straps are not getting you through the sets. Strongmen athletes swear by these and I can see why.

Thomas Short

Figure of 8 Lifting Straps - Heavy Duty

Lochlainn Kielty

Help tremendously with deadlifts as my grip will give out before my back. Amazingly comfortable and easy to use