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Zeus Ballista

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Size: Medium

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The Strength Shop Zeus Ballista is an aid to bench pressing, helping to keep the elbows tucked, and the lats tight. Creates a line similar to that which would be followed in a bench shirt, and gives 'spring' off the chest to aid the press, and also overload the triceps and the lockout part of the movement.

Size Guideline,
Medium (33-39cm measuring round bicep)
Large (37-42cm measuring around bicep)

The design has been updated to 1-piece construction. There is no divide in the middle of the Ballista making it stronger and more durable than ever.

These are made from the Zeus material, which is medium stiffness, and gives a good amount of 're-bound' off the chest. They come with a 1-year warranty against splitting/defective workmanship (see T&C's for full details).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Well worth the money, very quick delivery

Ordered these and Zeus wrist straps yesterday, arrived this morning at 09.30! Very quick delivery. Wrist straps are firm but don't cut off all blood supply. Ballista fits well and provides good bounce off chest. Added 1000kg to my PB! Well, not quite that good but pretty dam good.

Good for handling a bit of extra weight

I bought the original version of this with the stitching that comes loose and the smaller arm holes. Neither of these issues have been a big issue to me, but I would like the larger arm holes in the new version, as the old ones were quite tight. Overall, I really like using this piece of equipment. I normally do max bench beforehand, then use the ballista to add some extra weight. I bench around 175kg raw, and with the ballista I'm getting 185kg-195kg. The spring off the bottom assists the rep without being too powerful, but it helps to break through the sticking point. Also, be sure to bench in a rack or with good spotters, as when a rep goes wrong it can go bad quite quickly.

Good fun!

Picked this up to see if I could have some fun with it. Whilst the stitching down the middle has broke a little as described, it doesn't take anything away from the function of the ballista. Expect to press 10-15kg over your normal 1RM with it, maybe more after some practice. It also forces you into a shoulder friendly position as you have to tuck the elbows. Recommended for bench enthusiasts!