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Women's Bastard Weightlifting Bar

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Strength Shop Women's Bastard Weightlifting Bar
-25mm Nickel/Phosphorus plated, Sprung Steel Shaft
-131.5cm Length of shaft between sleeves
-32.7cm loadable length of sleeve
-2" diameter sleeve, suitable for Olympic Plates


• Weight - 15kg
• Length - 2.03m
• Shaft - Sprung Steel
• Shaft Diameter - 25mm
• Distance Between Rings - 910mm
• Loadable Sleeve Length - 327mm
• Centre Knurling? - No
• Knurling Type - Medium
• Sleeve Type - Needle Bearings, Brass Bushings & Ball Bearings
• Recommended Max Load/Rating - 190K PSI Tensile strength. 110kg Max recommended load for Clean & Jerk / Snatch.
• Warranty - 3 Year Performance Warranty

Comes with Strength Shop 3-Year performance warranty.

Customer Reviews

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B!tching bar guys!

Firstly, the service from these guys is second to none. Send an email, get a response within an hour or so. This Bastard Bar is outstanding. I’ve been looking for a decent bar since my gym was shut down and my PT sent me a link to this. Perfect balance, doesn’t rip lady-girl hands to shreds and is absolutely solid. Where is says ‘for ladies’ they didn’t just shrink and pink it. I’ve built my own gym for less than my yearly membership fee with a decent set of plates from here too. I could go on but just buy it. Your body will thank you for it ;-)