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Thor Ballista - Yellow/Black

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Size: Medium

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The Strength Shop Thor Ballista is an aid to bench pressing, helping to keep the elbows tucked, and the lats tight. Creates a line similar to that which would be followed in a bench shirt, and gives 'spring' off the chest to aid the press, and also overload the triceps and the lockout part of the movement.

The design has been updated to 1-piece construction. There is no divide in the middle of the Ballista making it stronger and more durable than ever.

Size Guideline,

Medium (33-39cm measuring round bicep)
Large (37-42cm measuring round bicep)
X-Large (40-48cm measuring round bicep)

These are made from the Thor material, which is very stiff, and gives a good amount of 're-bound' off the chest. They come with a 1-year warranty against splitting/defective workmanship (see T&C's for full details).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
matthew Clare
great product

well built, very sturdy. great product if you bench is weaker towards lock out as you can use this to make the strength curve of the exercise match the weakpoint. iid say you can overload your bench by around 10kg comfortably.

Get a bigger bench

Good Quality product that will guarantee to increase your bench. This is a great tool to overload your bench, take pressure off your shoulders and get the additional volume in. You should get around 10%+ on your max using this.

Jordan Harvey
New PBs all around

This took me from 80kg to repping 100kg for 5 in the first session of use, massive difference in the feel of the weight.

Definitely worth getting to build overall strength and longevity, especially if you wanna hit those big numbers that you can’t quite do raw yet.

Very comfortable, the fabric has a lot of spring and stiffness making it easier to get more reps with more weight, amazing support.

My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.

120kg+ here I come.

Excellent product for all kinds of training

This is the single best bit of kit I've invested in for the gym. I've had multiple injuries over the years and a shoulder reconstruction so I'm ultra careful about lifting heavy again like I did in my youth. Being old and having a child I train at strange times so the days of having a regular spotter are long behind me. The ballista takes all the pressure off your shoulders and keeps your form honest so you train the right muscles, the support at the bottom of the movement gives you confidence to push harder when you train alone without a spotter. Alternatively even with a spotter you could go much heavier doing more yourself. For me it's so versatile I would recommend it to anyone who trains seriously or thought their serious training days were behind them!

Quality and Price

Great quality product! I've bought this to replace a Marc Bell Slingshot. I'd had an 'Orginal' Slingshot and after a year it started to fray and come apart. I messaged the UK importer and they said it was pretty common. As it was over a year old they refused to replace it. It hadn't had much use either. However the point of this review is that straight away I can see this is a lot better quality. Feels better too. Sizes quoted by StrengthShop are true as well, so a good guide to follow. Works well to overload your bench, so a great training tool to push trough plateaus. Highly recommend and great price point to. Thanks again StrengthShop for brining a good quailty for a good price.