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Suspension Safety Straps With Chain

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As an alternative to steel safety catchers, these suspension straps are not only suitable to protect you during lifts, but the material also protects the cage and the barbell from a hard and harsh impact from steel on steel. They go directly over the rack and under the bar, not leaving scratches or a nicked up bar. Providing triple protection increases the longevity of your equipment and adds more safety to when you're training by yourself. 


The straps are made of robust fabric and connected by loops to the iron chains via carabiners. You can adjust the length between 122cm and 160cm, measured from the ground. Perform a variety of suspended exercises, not only squats but also suspended good mornings, suspended push-ups or rack lockouts for bench. The catchers themselves can hold up to 500kg.

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  • Material: webbing & chains
  • Adjustable from 122-160cm
  • Max load: 500kg - for straps only, the equipment you attach it to may be rated to less.
  • Sold as pair