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Steel Log 220mm Diameter

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Our logs are an essential piece of kit for gyms of all kinds everywhere and are perfect entry level logs for a diverse range of athletes and abilities.

Diameter: 220 mm
Weight: ca. 32 kg
Length: 1.65 m

Distance between handles: 62 cm

Length Log: 98,5 cm
Handle diameter: 32 mm

Length loading pin: 310 mm
Diameter loading pin: 50 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
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Good product. I decided to go for a 'light' log and although I haven't much comparison data, the advantages for warming up and for GETTING THE DAMN THING IN AND OUT OF THE SHED are considerable. 60k logs are very unwieldy. I have no idea what the loading limit is on this, but unless your name is Zydrunas, it's going to go heavy enough.

Top quality as always

As always this from StrengthShop this product is brilliant. It is a solid unit, heavy duty and appears robust. There was a slightly cheaper one on the market(not by much) but you get what you pay for and everything I have bought from yous in the past has been top quality. But well and buy once. It was also delivered in two days

Well worth the money

I bought this steel log at a reduced price it is well made well packed and fast delivered. At full price this log is well worth the money.

Aspiring lifter
Buy it

As a personal trainer, this was the better option for a log because it allows for different strength levels. The powder coat has chipped away a little which shows the metal underneath, but it's lifting equipment, so not worried. Amazing total body movement. And your barbell press should increase too.

Well Made, V.Fast delivery

Got this as a gift from my partner, very fast delivery came next day, well made, got on an offer which was even better! All my training buddies love it, been using it for incline bench press to add different variations to my work out! Great piece of kit.