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Red Deadlift/Weightlifting Socks

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Color: Red
Size: One size fits all

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Depending on your lifting technique and style of strength sport, your shins might face some rough times in the gym. Mostly known as deadlift socks, the knee-length Black Deadlift / Weightlifting Socks will help to protect your shins during the first pull of your deadlift or clean. The socks are quite stretchy, comfortable to wear and fit a broad range of lifters' feet and calves, ranging from UK sizes 5-14. So, one size fits all is the motto here.

To maintain longevity of the material and prevent shrinking, we recommend not washing the powerlifting socks above 40°C."

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The Strength Shop logo is IPF approved and our products can be used at IPF competitions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
William James
Great but not a lot of room for meaty calves

It's a sock! Feels nice, but doesn't leave a lot of room for meaty calves. They're hard to get on and can roll down.

Emanuel Thompson
They work!

Used them in competition for the first time and they help