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Bastard Power Bar With Nickel Plated Shaft

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Squats, bench press and deadlifts, that's exactly what this barbell was designed for. With a 29cm shaft diameter and a medium sharp knurling, this bar sits comfortable in your hands and on your shoulders for squats. For quick orientation for your set up, the Bastard Power Bar has the 81cm grip marking common for powerlifting. The sleeve diameter is 50cm and is slightly grooved for a better fit of the plates on the barbell. Made from super sturdy high quality steel and fitted with three bronze bushings, the Bastard Power Bar is very durable. Since the bar is relatively stiff, we would recommend using primarily static lifts.

 To stabilize your core for the Big3, find your matching lever buckle belt.


  • Weight: 20kg
  • Total length: 220cm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 415mm
  • Centre knurling: yes
  • Grip markings: 81cm | Powerlifting 
  • Shaft diameter: 29mm
  • Shaft material: nickel plated sprung steel
  • Plating: nickel-phosphorus
  • Shaft length: 131cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50cm 
  • Sleeve type: 3 bronze bushings per sleeve
  • Knurling type: medium
  • 205K PSI tensile strength
  • 3 Year Performance Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fatah Toubal
Good bar Rally

Good bar Rally

Worth every penny

I debated a long time before purchasing this bar, comparing with others and weighing up the differences. I can honestly say this bar is impressive and well made, you can feel the quality. I just know this will remain a quality bar even after years of hard use. If you want a bar that can cover the three main lifts as I did, then this is the one. Also strength shop service and delivery is always spot on.

John Z

A solid piece of kit. The knurling is not aggressive. The thicker 29mm diameter feels great when benching and squatting when compared to 28mm. (I already have the Strength Shop deadlift bar so don't use it for deadlifts.) The plate spin appears limited, but that's fine. Very pleased with this purchase.

Excellent bar at an excellent price

I bought the bar as part of my home powerlifting gym setup last summer, as I was keen to get back into lifting. I was looking for one bar that could be used for all major lifts (I'm not prepared to buy one for each lift... well, not just yet), and this is exactly that bar. Some things I like about it; - Knurling is good and rough, but doesn't feel like a cheese grater - Very smooth sleeve rotation, works very well for power cleans - I prefer a slightly thicker bar, especially for pressing - thickness is spot on. - Build quality and finish are excellent - Bargain price - this bar is well worth the money, and would still be if it was more expensive

old dog
Great bar makes me train harder

Got back into training, upgraded to this bar best decision i have made