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Original 1525 15kg Olympic Women's Bar - Black E-Coat

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The Women's 15KG Strength Shop Original 1525 Barbell is specifically designed based on women’s weightlifting measurements. It has a 25 mm grip diameter and is perfect for clean, jerk, and snatch (thanks to the 91mm ring marks). This bar also has the standard powerlifting ring marks of 81mm, so it is also great for training the squat, bench press, and deadlift. 

The bar includes a 25 mm shaft diameter and a balanced weight distribution to enhance your lifting.

The Black E-Coating (electrophoretic painting) on the 1525 barbell provides a hard-wearing and durable finish, enhancing its resistance to corrosion from water and household chemicals.


  • Specifically designed for smaller hands, with a comfortable 25 mm grip diameter.
  • Affordable and will last you many years of gains: it’s rated up to 180 kg.
  • Moderate sleeve spin accommodates a variety of dynamic lifts without compromising on stability.
  • Durable chrome coating ensures longevity and resistance to wear.

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Overall length: 201 cm
Shaft diameter: 25 mm, crafted from straight steel
Shaft length (excluding sleeves): 130 cm
Coating: Black E-coating
Sleeve dimensions: 35.5 cm length with a 50 mm diameter
Distance between rings: 81 cm and 91 cm.
Weight: 15 kg
Rated load capacity: 180 kg
Warranty: 6 month


How does the sleeve spin perform during lifts?
The sleeve offers moderate spin, which is ideal for static and dynamic lifts, balancing stability and rotation.

What is the durability of the chrome finish?
The chrome coating on this barbell provides a sleek finish and protects against rust and corrosion, ensuring a lasting appearance and functionality.

Can this barbell handle drops?
Yes, the 1525 barbell can be dropped (assuming you’re using bumper plates). But we’d recommend our Women's Bastard Weightlifting Bar, as it's more durable.