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Mini Deadlift Jack

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Strength Shop Mini Deadlift Jack, allowing an easy and safe solution to loading/unloading the bar. Offers a simple and effortless way to lift one side of the bar at the one time. Save your back for the heavy lifting!

Just put it under the bar just on the inside of the collar and tip it back to lift up the bar.

Weight approximately 2kg.

Recommended max load 300kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very well made, very useful

Great little piece of kit that makes me wonder how I ever managed without it. It's very solidly built - no idea what the load limit is, but I bet it's a LOT more than I'll ever lift - you could probably jack a car up with it (no I've not tried it!). The welds are tidy with no sharp bits, there's a nice matte black coating, an etched logo plate riveted to the side of it and some thick(ish) rubber padding in the "cup" to protect your bar's knurling/finish. Should be near the top of your "must buy" list if you train with a barbell.

Brilliant piece of kit.

Brilliant piece of kit and well worth the money. Thank you. Takes all the effort out of deadlift sessions and allows you to concentrate on the proper work. It also spees up changing the weight allowing more recovery time.

Get one now

Great addition to my home gym for next to nothing. Well manufactured, the only thing I would say is the branding a little sharp on the edges.

Great bit of kit

Got one of these last week. Easy to use, and saves all the struggling loading and unloading oly plates when doing deadlifts or other work from the floor. Small and compact, so doesn't take up loads of room in the gym too. Highly recommended.