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Odin Deadlift Belt/Back Support - ONLY SIZE XS

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Size: X-Small

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The Odin Deadlift Belt is back and better than ever. As the first supplier of the triple-ply webbing deadlift belt, we're excited to reintroduce this popular accessory.

Maintaining a consistent 10cm width throughout its design, this Webbing Deadlift Belt offers firm support and comfort. Its flexible design is particularly beneficial for deadlifts, where stiffer belts can restrict movement and become uncomfortable. The belt is non-intrusive and allows a better range of motion compared to traditional belts.


The belt features a dual-ring locking system for a secure fit and steady support. It's not only an excellent choice for deadlifts but also ideal for Strongman events. With no oversized buckle to obstruct, it's perfect for exercises like stone lifts and log presses.

  For extra support, try our triple-ply knee sleeves. 

Colour: Grey/Black
Material: Triple-ply webbing
Width: 10cm (all the way round)
Mechanism: Dual ring locking system

Size Inches
X-Small 24-30
Small 29-35
Medium 33-39
Large 37-43
X-Large 42-47
XX-Large 46-51
XXX-Large 50-55
XXXX-Large 54-59


Can I use the Odin Deadlift Belt for exercises other than deadlifts?
Absolutely! While the Odin Belt shines during deadlifts, it's also ideal for Strong(wo)man events. The dual-ring locking system ensures steady support, and the lack of an oversized buckle makes it perfect for exercises like stone lifts and log presses.

Can I use this belt in powerlifting competitions?
The Odin Belt is particularly designed for deadlifts and Strongman events. However, always check the rules of your specific competition to ensure it complies with their regulations.

How does this belt benefit my deadlifts?
Unlike stiffer belts, the Odin Belt is non-intrusive and doesn't restrict your movement during deadlifts. Its flexibility ensures that you can maintain proper form without discomfort, helping to improve your performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Robinson

Odin Deadlift Belt/Back Support - ONLY SIZE XS & 4XL

Nic J
Great option if comp. belts uncomfortable

Exactly what I needed - 10/10. I use my competition Inzer belt in training but find it too uncomfortable at the bottom/set up of deadlifts. This is perfect - nice level of support, feels sturdy, but comfortable. I've also used it for back squats, front squats, overhead pressing.

Mick L
another great bit of kit from Strength Shop

Bought one of these a while ago and have been using it mainly for deadlifting, it is a top bit of kit and well worth the money,(I bought on a specials week). It's also really good for log pressing as there is no buckle in the way and anything that you need a bit of support for when doing moves that require moving like farmers walks, kettlebell stuff etc. It's not anywhere as stiff as a leather lever belt but I would defo recommend this as a second belt. Also I have bought loads to stuff from this shop and for service/delivery I wouldn't go anywhere else, The kit is excellent(wraps/straps etc) and delivery is top notch.

Very much worth the money.

I'd had my eye on this belt for a while and decided to take a punt on it when it recently popped up in the weekly specials. I currently own the 13mm strengthshop lever belt and as good as it is for squatting, I've never been able to make use of it for deadlifts as it just digs in way too much in the bottom position. I'm happy to report that it looks like it's been a worthwhile purchase. The very day that this arrived in the post I was scheduled to try for a new 1RM, so the timing of its arrival was perfect. The belt is super comfortable and insanely easy to adjust to a tightness that you prefer. That day I hit a 7kg PR and whilst I would attribute the work done during my most recent training cycle to hitting the PR, the belt most definitely helped in bracing my core and providing extra confidence over the bar. If your regular belt isn't cutting it when it comes to deadlifting, the strengthshop deadlift belt makes for an excellent alternative solution.