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Garage Strength Bar - Black E-Coat Shaft with Chrome Sleeves

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If space is a limiting factor in you're training area then this barbell will be ideal for you!

Our Garage Strength Barbell is the ideal solution for when your training area is restricted by the amount of space available. Having a shorter length barbell will allow you to continue your weight training even in the tightest of spaces.

The Garage Strength Barbell weighs in at 15kg but remains long enough to fit into a power cage or squat rack, allowing for this bar to be used in all applications of your training.

The Black E-Coating (electrophoretic painting) on the barbell is a process using electricity to apply the coating making the finish hard wearing, durable and gives benefits with aiding in corrosion resistance from water and other household chemicals.

Compatible with Thor/Garage cage line.

Check Terms and Conditions for Bar Usage Guidelines and Warranties.


• Weight - 15kg
• Length - 1.835m
• Shaft - Straight Steel
• Shaft Length between sleeves - 127.5cm
• Shaft Diameter - 28mm
• Distance Between Rings - 800mm
• Loadable Sleeve Length - 250mm
• Centre Knurling? - Yes
• Knurling Type - Coarse
• Sleeve Type - Steel Bushings and Needle Bearings
• Recommended Max Load/Rating - 200kg Max suggested load. Not suitable for Olympic Weightlifting. 700lbs steel tensile rating PSI: 186K
• Warranty - Standard 6 Month

Customer Reviews

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6ft International Barbell

Just received the bar and I’m really happy! I emailed customer care to get some more information before my purchase and the reply was very swift. I made the order and bar came next day via ups. Really well packaged, was in a tube which was then in a rectangular box. Previous times I have ordered barbells from other places they only come in the tube, so really great that it was double protected from Strength Shop. Nice finish, very smooth sleeve rotation, no noises and smooth finish on the sleeves. Weighed 14.6kg which is great, with the collars on weighs 15kg, added 2.5kg fractional plates on both sides and I get a 20kg bar :-D *I have to preface I ordered a similar 6ft international bar from Mirafit and I was very disappointed. The price was the same but quality very poor. Firstly the bar didn’t weigh anywhere near 15kg, it was about 13.2kg. This really throws off being able to correctly weight the bar for progression in training. The next thing was that the sleeves were really crunchy and rattle when spun. Not smooth at all, one side was worse then the other. That was £130 down the drain as a barbell is too hard to return. Ended up selling it on gumtree for £100, making a £30 loss.* In contrast my experience and product delivered by Strength Shop - fantastic! If you need a 6ft international barbell, this is the one to get, you won’t be disappointed! If I had to make one critique it would be to have a slightly coarser knurling - but to be fair this is an olympic bar and not a power bar. The other thing I would suggest to Strength Shop is to label the bar as a 6ft international barbell. I could only find two places that sold this barbell. Then one day I was looking on your website and found it! If it was labelled differently probably would have ordered sooner and not made the mistake with Mirafit. Will definitely order again from you, I like your 2028 barbell, probably will be my next purchase. Thanks again for great customer care and fantastic barbell!