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Coloured Grippers

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Product Options: Coloured Gripper - Pink No.1 100lbs

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Strength Shop Coloured Grippers are the quickest way to build your grip strength. Colour coded for easier visual definitions between strengths. Available in various strengths to fit everyone from a beginner to a grip monster!

A great tool for any serious strength athlete who requires a solid grip. Knurled handle to reduce any movement in the palm while in use.

Please use the drop down menu to choose which model/strength of gripper you would like.

Pink No.1 - rated at 100lbs (45kg)
Blue No.1.5 - rated at 150lbs (68kg)
Red No.2 - rated at 200lbs (90kg)
Black No.2.5 - rated at 250lbs (113kg)
Gold No. 3 - rate at 300lbs (136kg)

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Dundon


Geoff Brentley
Coloured Grip

I have a full set of the coloured grippers as well as some C.o.C grippers, I find the strength shop grippers to be well made with good knurling, the levels of resistance are good, they vary from the C.o.C grippers, I've found the black gripper is harder than my C.o.C #2 gripper but easier than my C.o.C #2.5 which makes it a very useful stepping stone gripper between the two, the gold's as hard or harder than my C.o.C #2.5, a very challenging gripper to close for almost anybody


Thought I would easily start from red one but it’s really hard so I bought blue one and it’s right Generally great tool to improve your grip