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Original 2029 Power Bar - Black E-Coat

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Our Original 2029 Power Bar is the entry-level barbell for your powerlifting and basic strength training. All static exercises, like rows or military press, in and around your powerlifting training, can be covered with this barbell.

The centre knurl provides grip and safety during the back squat; the 81cm markings and the 29mm diameter of the barbell shaft are also based on the powerlifting standard. The bar has a total length of 220cm, weighs 20kg and a 50mm sleeve diameter. The bronze bushings provide a good amount of spin, reducing stress on the joints and better handling of the weights. It should be noted, however, that this barbell is not suitable for exercises that are characteristic of Olympic weightlifting. Used and extensively tested in commercial gyms, this powerlifting barbell is ideal for your private home gym too.


The 2029 Power Bar is an economical alternative for a large section of lifters, to whom more expensive power bars, aimed at very heavy lifting, might be an overkill or simply too expensive. Not to be overlooked visually either, this model catches the eye with a full black e-coating. E-Coating is the process of electrically applying a paint finish to metals. Black E-coating is harder than black oxide, chrome and zinc. It is corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly. The end result is a hard-wearing, durable and safe finish which effectively resists oxidation and corrosion from water, sunlight and household chemicals.

For your small home gym, it doesn't take that much to get started effectively. The Original 2029 Power Bar, simple squat stands and a set of weight plates and you're ready to go.


  • All black e-coating
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Barbell length: 220cm
  • Shaft diameter: 29mm
  • Shaft length: 131cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm 
  • Loadable sleeve length: 40cm
  • Markings: 81cm (powerlifting)
  • Sleeve technology: bronze bushings
  • Knurling: relatively sharp 
  • Max. suggested load: 260kg 
  • PSI: 185k
  • With end caps
  • Warranty: Standard 6 Months

Check Terms and Conditions for Bar Usage Guidelines and Warranties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Paddy O'Connor

Original 2029 Power Bar - Black E-Coat

Chris Kanta
Massively worth the money

A brilliantly strong bar that's massively worth the money. The sleeves spin but not for that long, making it amazing for SBD. Knurling is just right, provides great grip. Love it 💪

Shaikh Anwar
Great first bar

Really good bar for powerlifting, knurling feels sharp and holds well and the price is a cherry on top.

Finley Froome

Original 2029 Power Bar - Black E-Coat

Andy Cudd
Power bar and seal row bench

Great products. Easy assembly, very fair prices