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Original 2029 Power Bar - Black E-Coat

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Strength Shop Original 2029 Power Bar - Black E-Coat.

A power bar specification version of our popular 2028 Original barbell. Comes with black E-Coating and needle bearings.

We don't all deadlift 400kg but would still like to train with Power bar specification barbells. The 2029 Power Bar is an economical alternative for large section of lifters to whom more expensive power bars aimed at very heavy lifting might be an overkill or simply too expensive.

The Black E-Coating (electrophoretic painting) on the barbell is a process using electricity to apply the coating making the finish hard wearing, durable and gives benefits with aiding in corrosion resistance from water and other household chemicals.

Olympic standard size (220cm long, 50mm loading sleeves, 20kg weight)
Straight steel 29mm diameter shaft.
Made for static lifts such as squat, bench and deadlift.
Check Terms and Conditions for Bar Usage Guidelines and Warranties.

•Weight - 20kg
•Length - 2.2m
•Shaft - Straight Steel
•Shaft Diameter - 29mm
•Distance Between Rings - 810mm
•Loadable Sleeve Length - 405mm
•Centre Knurling? - Yes
•Knurling Type - Coarse
•Sleeve Type - Needle Bearings
•Recommended Max Load/Rating - 185K PSI Tensile Strength. 260kg max suggested load. Not suitable for Olympic Weightlifting
•Warranty - Standard 6 Month


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent bar

Truly an amazing bar. Tried my brothers and knew it was quality so ordered myself one. I don't like the hugely spinny bars for bench and don't do any Olympic lifts so wanted something that didn't spin much and this bar is perfect in that respect. Knurling is good for grip but not so harsh that it's painful and the black coating holds up well (and looks cool) Really impressed with the bar and the service received from Strength Shop. Will be ordering more in future and happily recommend to others

Great Bar

Got this bar for my home gym and I can't recommend this enough. E-Coat is holding up amazing as I have a high humidity room and the knurling is perfect. Feels amazing during the lift. The most important purchase for a home gym is a good bar and I am happy i went with this.

Great bar for the price

This bar is higher quality than I was expecting. The knurling I'd describe as the pitted pyramid style, which gives great grip. I've seen this style on more expensive power bars. The lesser sleeve spin is what you want for powerlifting movements. There is a bit of flex on the bar with moderate loads on the bar (130+) but all still within standard. I'll be partnering this with a bastard power bar which will be stiffer and the pair should work well for my various training lifts. Would recommend this with no problems

5 star bar

Excellent service from Strength Shop as always. Really great bar - the knurling is perfect, the flex/stiffness is on point, and the price is unbeatable. Was hesitant about going for this bar, over the Bastard Power Bar, but after receiving and using the bar I have no regrets whatsoever. Unless you're exceeding the max load rating of this bar, I see no reason not to go for it!

Great Bar

Great value, massive upgrade over my previous hex bar. Knurling is pretty brutal and really grips to your hand. Lovely looking finish as well, not that it matters what it looks like, but it’s a nice touch! Does everything you will need it too and looks good doing it.