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Standing T-Bar Row Machine

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Strength Shop Standing T-Bar Row Machine

Designed to withstand heavy usage, our heavy duty t-bar row machine with adjustable knurled multiple grip handles has superior construction that stands out from other products on the market as it is extremely durable and ready for use in any commercial setting.

Standing t-bar row is a similar movement to the chest supported t-bar row targeting the upper back and latissimus regions while working the biceps and shoulders but it also lets you perform the t-bar movement without the need to set up a landmine/core trainer attachment and barbell, simply load up the plate sleeve and take your grip. The handles have three areas that are knurled as well as having five easy to adjust handle width settings making it suiting multiple users.

The machine features diamond plated footplate design that ensures users are stable throughout the movement, no matter the weight being used. Also features wheels at the back of the machine so it can be tilted up and manoeuvred about a gym easily.

Adding weight to the t-bar machine is very easy, simply load up the 50mm (2") plate sleeve with the desired weight, optionally you can use resistance bands with the band pegs that have three settings on each leg for added resistance training.

  • Length: 200cm
  • Width: 105cm (front) 75cm (rear)
  • Height: 51cm (including handles)
  • Plate Sleeve Length: 37.5cm
  • Plate Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • Handle Length: 43.5cm (black knurled sections)
  • Chrome Handle Adjustment Section Length: 90cm
  • Handle Diameter: 30mm
  • Floor to Handle Height: 52.5cm
  • Foot Plate Length: 55cm
  • Foot Plate Width: 22.5cm
  • Floor to Front Foot Plate Height: 28.5cm
  • Floor to Rear Foot Plate Height: 25cm
  • Band Peg Length: 27.5cm