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Spider Tack Competition Grade 266ml

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Spider Tack Competition Grade is a tacky for loading Atlas Stones. It is the stickiest tacky on the market. It maintains its stickiness in the cold and heat better than all other tackys, it goes on easy, and will improve your stone loading performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
amazing tacky

Used this in my first timers comp, hot day, applied maybe 5 minutes before my turn and it was like glue. no issues and helped me reach a pb on stones,


I've been a loyal user of Dave Ostlund's cool weather tacky due to where I train, temperature/conditions etc. I decided to have a go with this stuff and my god is it good. Just used a small amount and my arms were glued to the stones, even when they got dirty from the dust. Can only see p.b's being smashed using this stuff, 5 stars. As ever Strengthshop were awesome with the delivery time and their products are as ever top notch.

Excellent, excellent, excellent tacky

Ridiculously sticky, absolutely amazing stuff, you must use it in your next comp with stones! I have used it for ages now, and it is superb. So good it hurts to let go of the stones. Best method to get off after the comp would be to douse an old rag in white spirit or paint thinner, and massage tacky with rag to remove. Also helps to massage baby oil in first to 'loosen it up'

100% perfect

The best tacky. I never use better. When I show my mates from Poland this tacky they could not believe,"its so sticky" they said. Very good stuff.