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Olympic Cambered Spider Bar

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The Olympic Cambered Spider Bar combines the functionality of a safety bar and a Cambered Bar. The innovative design has extra-long handles, significantly reducing shoulder strain, making it a great choice for lifters recovering from shoulder injuries.

The Spider Bar activates the upper back more than traditional safety bar squats and regular barbell squats, and makes it easier to maintain proper posture in the squat: it’s particularly useful for paused box squats. 

Finished with a black powder coating, and the handles are fastened with hammer-in securing pins for superior stability over screw-in handles.

This bar should never be dropped. It’s designed for use on the back and isn’t intended to withstand repeated impacts with the ground.

Please note: a surcharge will apply at checkout for delivery to Ireland and Scottish Highlands/Islands, due to the size of this item.


Bar weight: 32kg
Max load rating: 400kg
Total length: 201cm
Length of rackable section: 140cm
Tube diameter: 50mm
Handle diameter: 25mm
Handle length: 76cm

See the Spider Bar in action:


How does the Olympic Cambered Spider Bar differ from traditional squat bars?
The Spider Bar combines the features of a Safety Squat Bar and a Cambered Bar, with extra-long handles to reduce shoulder strain and add variety to squat exercises. Its design requires more engagement from the upper back compared to standard squat bars.

Is the bar suitable for someone with a shoulder injury?
Yes, the extended handles are specifically designed to alleviate strain on the shoulders, making it a great option for individuals with shoulder issues.

How do you assemble the Olympic Cambered Spider Bar?
Included in the box are the main frame of the bar, two handles labelled A & B for easy assembly matching, three pads, and two securing pins with a tapered edge for hammering. To assemble:

  • Match the handles to the corresponding labels on the frame as indicated in the provided photos.
  • Hammer the securing pin into the handle through the frame, starting with the tapered edge. This step may require considerable force.
  • Attach the shoulder pads onto the handles before securing them in place.
  • Once secured, slide the pad up, and the bar is ready for use.

Does this bar come with a warranty?
Yes. The Olympic Cambered Spider Bar comes with a 2-year warranty, covering manufacturer defects. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daniel Caddick
Outstanding customer service

As a longtime patron of Strength Shop I was disappointed when I received a Spider Bar in poor condition - near enough everything else I’ve purchased has been excellent. Strength Shop Customer Support was truly second to none: responsive, understanding and proactive. After discussing alternatives, they promptly arranged for the barbell to be picked up and replaced within 48hrs at no extra charge to me. I am very happy with my replacement barbell and happier still with the outstanding service. Thanks guys!


Got this bar a few years ago. So versaitile and really good for variations if your bored of straight bar. I find this bar to be really well made like all strengthshop equipment. Its really heavy and robust.


Olympic Cambered Spider Bar

Awesome bar,

Truly humbling ,weight halved.
Can totally see how she will improve your squat massively.
Form has to be locked in,reccomend it 100%

Great bar with minor niggles, would recommend

Had a few quality control issues with my bar, but they swiftly resolved to a satisfactory outcome. The bar is v heavy, be prepared for that! Very solid, good finish and feels like a quality piece of kit at what i would say is a competitive price (a cheap and poor quality SSB can be £150 easily) Ref the functionality, i personally think this bar is a revelation for squatting and wish i had access to one years ago. Being v tall, i have some mobility issues which mean when i get heavier on front and back squats i do not always feel stable through my back angle and knees. This bar has made it significantly easier to keep my form solid, i feel safer and more able to squat heavy. No regrets.