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Seal Row Bench

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Introducing a classic old school piece of weightlifting training equipment for Seal rows/Chinese rows.

These days found only at older weightlifting clubs in Europe, the Seal row bench is a fantastic addition to assistance training. Mainly favoured by Olympic weightlifters, but also by powerlifters as an antagonistic bench movement, and other strength athletes. No longer do you need to simulate this bench with an unstable construction of a flat bench placed on stacked pile of bumper plates or plyo boxes!

The movement hits the strength, stability and thickness of the lats without putting pressure on the lower back.

Length - 100cm
Width - 110cm
Height - 88cm
Pad - 100cm x 30cm x 6.5cm
Height from floor to 1st Bar Holder - 28cm
Height from floor to 2nd Bar Holder - 38cm
Height from floor to 3rd Bar Holder - 48cm
Distance between outside pegs - 107cm
Distance between inside pegs - 18cm
Weight approx. 30kg
Bar pegs rated to 150kg.
Overall rating of bench rated to 300kg.

*Plates and bar not included

Select to add the Olympic Cambered Bench Press Bar for increased range of motion at a discounted price!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Superb bit of kit

Took delivery of this today. Assembled in literally 20 minutes, well manufactured, such a smooth finish all over. And it's solid, but still light enough to move around. Using it went exactly as I expected, opens up many more options for pull workouts. My lower back is shot so most row variations have been out, but this puts rowing back on the menu. Even the bar racks fit the bar so snugly it doesn't move at all when racked, but lifts off easily. My only issue is that if you want a slightly wider grip on barbell rowing, depending on your height/leverages, the bar clatters the underside. No fault on SS part, just down to mechanics. I think the cambered bar would be a worthwhile addition for anyone, if only for the increased ROM. Will pick one of these up in due course. Plus it's high enough I can do unweighted reverse hypers (which may or may not help my back, time will tell). I've been eyeing up one of these for a while and so glad I bit the bullet. The price is almost ludicrous for how excellent this bit of kit is, considering alternatives with other companies are easily twice as expensive if not more. Hats off to you SS.

Chinese wet wipe.
5/5 bench and is arguably the best back exercise you can do

Purchased on Monday night; the product arrived Wednesday morning. This review hasn't even started yet and is already on a great start. The product comes in a clean black matt finish and comes in 3 parts which requires only ~5 minutes of assembly. Once built, I immediately used it and was blown away. As someone who can't bent-over-row as much weight as I should (due to lower back issues), this is a much better alternative and I wished I had found this sooner. You really can't cheat on this movement and the pump in the traps and lats is so much better. Shame not enough people are aware of this exercise. As a product for building a strong back, I highly recommend this for serious lifters. At a max weight of 300kg, both the quality, value and functionality of the bench is unbeatable.