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360 Rotating Handles (Knurled)

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These rotating handles have been designed with variety in mind, primarily to be used with the lat pulldown bar allowing you to truly target every area of the back but they can also be used to perform a variety of cable machine exercises with the use of the included heavy duty carabiner.

Using with a cable station will let you train multiple areas and thanks to the freely moving rotational directions of the handles this will allow not only maximum mobility but also aid in comfort if you need to work around any injuries.

The handle is made from solid steel making it tolerant of heavy loads with our classic durable matt black finish making it ascetically pleasing and durable in a commercial environment. 

The handle it's self is knurled to aid in grip allowing you to focus on the movement being performed and not worry about hands slipping on the handle.

Due to the relatively small and compact design these handles could easily be stored in a gym bag and transported when needed. 

Dimensions (per handle):
Weight: 0.8kg
Length: 13cm
Width: 2.5cm
Height (excluding carabiner and connecting hoop): 10cm
Handle circumference: 8cm
Internal distance: 12cm

Customer Reviews

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Great bit of kit!

I bought a set of these (yes, you do get a pair) to take to the gym with me. There's a few reasons for this:

Firstly I get sick of hunting for gear that people have left in random places, assuming it isn't already in use by someone else (it's a busy gym!).

Secondly their attachments are getting a bit knackered now, don't rotate smoothly, super squeaky, etc.

Finally, and the main reason I bought them, the attachments at the gym are all overly long (from handle to attachment point), so often the weight stack will run out of travel before you can get a decent stretch on the muscle. I'm a big believer in loaded stretches being important for muscle growth (and studies now seem to back this up) and so I've been looking for a pair of high quality shorter handle attachments for a while now. To be honest, I had pretty much given up as most attachments seem to be a lot bigger than they need to be.

Anyway, these handles have delivered exactly what I required. I did swap out the carabiners for some shorter ones, just to reduce the overall length even further. Just make sure the carabiners are rated for the required load if you decide to do this. That said, the carabiners Strength Shop supply are very high quality so I'm sure I will make use of them elsewhere.

I've now tested these on various cable exercises, heavy 1-arm pulldowns, cable flyes, lateral raises, etc, and they are very solid and super smooth. Also, both the attachment ring and the handles rotate, so they are as versatile as you could possibly want.

Finally, it's also worth mentioning what good value these are. Look at what other vendors charge for something of similar quality, and you'd be lucky to get one handle for this price. I'm sure these will last me for many years to come, but if I ever do need another set I know where to come!