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Rolling Handle

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The Strength Shop Rolling Handle is the ultimate grip strength tool.

Best used in conjunction with a loading pin (which you can add from the drop down menu below), this 60mm thick handle rotates while lifting a load - calling on all the might of your hand and forearm muscles to hold onto the weight.

Since the early part of the 20th century the thick-handled one-hand deadlift is an archetypal test of grip strength. Not just a favourite among the world's leading strongmen and gripsters, the Rolling Handle is a tool of first choice for everyone from arm wrestlers to rock climbers.

Can be used with a loading pin, or a cable cross over machine for variety of movements from classic rolling handle deadlift, to curls, rows and so on.

*Plates and pin not included

Customer Reviews

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Giannis Kampanis
Great tool

It is very well made. The grip feels very confortable. Don't think about it, just buy it. Shipping was on time. Thank you STRENGTH SHOP.

Fatter than the real Rolling Thunder; a tough test for your grip!

A tough handle to train on; it's 60mm whereas the genuine Ironmind Rolling Thunder handle is just over 50mm. The rubberised grip makes it very slippy; but get enough chalk on and it'll work your grip very well indeed. It's a heavy's handle too; haven't weighed it but I'd say it's around 2kg, if not a touch more, so discount that and you'll be way up on your PB in no time