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Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack (2.32m)

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Train hard AND smart. But what to do when space is the limiting factor? Then it needs smart solutions to use the existing space. If you want to be resourceful with the space available to you because you can’t have a permanent set up, or you intend to be able to redesign the space in your gym for events etc. a wall folding rack is the solution. 


Remove the six pins and the wall-mounted fold up squat rack stores against the wall and takes up minimal space. Whether you require space for other training routines or are done with training and want to keep your gym neat, the 2.32m foldable rack with its pull-up bar is discreet & out of the way. The bottom crossbeam is adjustable in height. Minimum 10cm from the ground, maximum 29cm from the ground.

Just as easy and convenient to store: our magnetic PRO 2 Olympic Flip Lock barbell locks. 


  • Material: 75 × 75 × 3mm steel box uprights, black powder-coated
  • One pair of barbell holders included, height adjustable
  • Unfolded: Width: 123cm | Height: 232cm | Depth: 61cm
  • Diameter plug-in holes: 26mm
  • Load rating on bar holders: 400kg
  • 107cm pull-up bar
  • Load rating on pull-up bar: 200kg
  • Product weight: 60kg
  • Includes anchor bolts for fixing to wall

*Please note: we recommend when fitting to a wall, you seek professional advice, as the fixings will be load bearing.

Customer Reviews

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David L.
Bomb proof. It will out live me by hundreds of years!

I just took next day delivery by UPS and used my wall rack today for some light squats after many years of neglect. At 52 the flexibility is still there once I'm warmed up but the strength definitely isn't! At a shoulder height of 163cm or 64" and 196cm or 6'4" tall, I find the second pin hole down ideal for light squatting and I may have to lower it another notch for heavier lifts, so the 2.32m high rack would even suit someone up to 7ft tall. The plan was to cut the post height down to fit the eaves of my garden cabin against the wall as designed but instead, since the 2.32m version will stand vertically in the centre of the space, I clamped the two post tops to the ridge purlin with the 32mm solid steel chinning bar pinned in position to set width. Tomorrow I'll pilot and drive some 120x12mm coach bolts through the top pin holes into the purlin for a quick and easy setup and break down process until I screed the floor properly to the finished level and add a rubber mat. My internal eaves are only 2.12m so if I want it to fold flat against the wall I'll probably just buy the shorter 1.9m version to save cutting both tops and bottoms of the longer 2.32m posts due to hole positioning meaning I can't take it all off the tops as I'd like. Once I move house I'll still have the higher chinning bar to stretch on between sets and could even make a four post rack that folds against opposite walls with two complete units. The substantial weight of the posts keeps them tight to the floor on concrete and the bottoms have 5 or 6mm thick plastic caps or feet which don't slip once seated. They have to be kicked hard to move them and at the moment I just have a pair of G clamps holding the tops firm. The box sections are indeed 3mm thick steel as advertised which was a pleasant surprise and apart from a few minor quality control issues of some of the 1/4" countersunk machine screws not being driven home fully through the plastic lining pads on the hooks and some rough lazer cut or stamped edges that should have been buzzed off with an angle grinder before powder coating, (again, on the bar holders), I'm very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone but the most fussy engineer, who could correct any issues regardless but it does mean filing through the powder coat. I was confused as to which bar supports actually came with the rack as there are photos of three different types and the 1.9m version shows yet another design. They aren't the narrow J hooks or the extended catchers with the yellow knobs. They actually do come with the pictured front pin type called 'bar holders' and available separately for £44.99 per pair with 3 screwed on nylon or other tough plastic lining pads and a bottom re-enforcement web welded underneath the hook. Trust me, they aren't going anywhere. You hold them horizontally at 90 degrees and locate the pins through a pair of post holes and lower them against the posts where the 5mm thick U or C sections then cup the posts front, side and back to prevent any possible dislocation unless lifted 80+ degrees again and simultaneously pulled forward 75mm which wouldn't even happen in an earthquake. They're a little fiddly to fit as the pins could do with being turned almost to a point or chamfered back about 10mm for a much quicker location. The two upright posts are packed together in a single box and the rest of the wall brackets and fittings including the chinning/hanging bar are packed into a smaller but just as heavy box, if not heavier. No particular transport damage was evident and UPS are normally the ones who damage my heavy goods. Everything was strapped and taped well to prevent escape and the boxes are nice and thick as you would expect. My next purchase will probably be the longer catchers if they come back into stock, as failing at the bottom of a squat requires a second pair to dump the bar onto.