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Riot Reverse Hyper

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Enhanced lower back health: Contributes to spinal decompression, alleviates pain, and can help improve back health.
Glute and hamstring development: Specifically targets the glutes and hamstrings, promoting muscle growth and strength.
Improved core stability: Engages the muscles around the lumbar spine and pelvis, enhancing core strength and stability.


The RIOT Reverse Hyper Machine is designed for athletes looking to strengthen their glutes, hamstrings, and lower to middle back. It's an essential piece for anyone serious about their strength training.

Constructed for maximum durability and weighing 75kg, the Strength Shop RIOT Reverse Hyper Machine can handle whatever you can throw at it. Finished in matte black, it features adjustable resistance options, including band pegs and a hook on the swing arm, allowing lifters to customise the intensity of their exercises.

Please note: this machine does not come with weight plates


Weight: Approximately 75kg
Height: 137cm
Width: 99cm
Depth: 155cm
Loading pins: 20.5cm (loadable)
Pad: 60cm x 87cm x 6cm
Box section: 60mm wide, 2mm thick steel

Watch it in action:


Is the RIOT Reverse Hyper Machine adjustable?
The RIOT Reverse Hyper includes band pegs and a hook for swing arm adjustments, enabling users to modify resistance levels according to their training needs.

Does the RIOT Reverse Hyper Machine require assembly?
Yes. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions: we’d recommend having two people there to assemble. 

What kind of warranty does the RIOT Reverse Hyper Machine come with?
It comes with a 3-year warranty, covering manufacturer defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My wife bought this for our home gym

My wife bought this for our home gym , what a piece of kit . Thank you strength shop !!

4/5 - Needs some product improvements.

Overall a good product but areas for improvement and some help for new buyers. I'm sure it will last a lifetime. Padding is poor. Review - Good bit of kit and has already helped with a back issue and made my glutes grow rapidly. I'm a tall lifter and struggle with back and glute issues and this has been great so far.The materials are heavy duty and heavy weight on the whole. Bad A few design improvements could be made and you might need to add some basic modifications yourself. Instructions it came with are not the best and no tools or kit come with the kit so if you don't have multiple wrenches (ideally torque wrenches), or are not great or patient with poor quality diagrams, you will not be able to put this together. You can't fully tighten the bolts holding up the main moving parts and weight as otherwise the pendulum cannot swing very well at all as it hits against the housing for the moving part. When extending, the main pendulum and the feet holders can bang against each other, I added some rubber to stop that happening. Also, I may have missed it but there is no way out of the box way to attach the product to the floor. When adding heavy weight, this made the product slide along the floor. I simply raised the reach end to fix this but I'm sure there are more elegant solutions. The padding is not great, you might find after a few sets it can get a bit much and you might experience some bruising when initially used. Tips for new buyers You should also have some lithium or other form of thick grease for the moving parts otherwise they will squeak/grind and the noise will bug you. 2 x wrenches (you will need to hold the nut tight on one side whilst tightening the bolts). Some form of adhesive for the various end caps/plugs that the item comes with.