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Riot Jammer Arms Attachment - 75mm - B-GRADE

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Product Options: Riot Jammer Arms Attachment - 35" Length - B-GRADE

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Riot Jammer Arms Attachment for use with our Riot Power Cage, Riot Rigs & Riot Wall Mounted Foldable Rack (75mm Box Section).  B-GRADE

These Jammer arms will show cosmetic damages in the form chips and scratch marks. Please also note that the handles have been reinforced with stronger welds which are displayed in the images above. Regardless of the damage the arms are still fully functional. 

Available in both 35" and 48" condition may vary 

14 day return/warranty on all B-GRADE/EX-DISPLAY items.

Riot Jammer Arms can be used for various push/pull movements but they can also be used for some lower body exercises! These can be used to overhead press, bench press, incline press, any single hand pressing, rows with various grips, deadlifts, single arm rows and can be used for squats, leg pressing etc... Our Riot Jammer Arms are extremely versatile and allow you to a huge range of new movements with your power cage!

10 or 14 Adjustment points to change the curve/angle of the movement.

Made from 3mm Steel suitable for 75x75mm box sections.

Approx. Weight:
37kg (per pair) 35" short version
40kg (per pair) 48" long version
Length: Available in 35" (89cm) short version or 48" (122cm) long version.
Price is for a pair.

For even more training options add the Riot Jammer Arms - Straight Bar Attachment!
Replace the standard arms with this straight bar attachment to add even more variety to your training with the Riot Jammer Arms. This will allow you to do various deadlift, squat and pressing movements with the Riot Jammer Arms.
Approx. Weight: 10kg

*Please note - it is advisable to bolt the cage to the floor if using the Jammer arm attachment with it.

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Jammer Arms.

Sold as B-Grade but nothing wrong with them. Excellent ordering experience and fast trackable delivery. Cannot ask for more.