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Riot Bumper Plates 2.0 - Coloured

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Weight: 5kg Bumper Plate

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Fully Colour-Coded Premium Rubber Bumper Plates 

Attention strength sports enthusiasts! Elevate your home gym with our Premium Rubber Bumper Plates, the ultimate addition for serious lifters. Our fully colour-coded plates, designed to match the classic IWF and IPF colour scheme, will leave no room for doubt to what's on the bar. Not only do they add a nice pop of colour to your gym space, but they also offer exceptional quality without breaking the bank. Time to upgrade your gym to the next level, with these durable bumper plates - a perfect choice for the dedicated lifter.

Choosing bumper plates protects the floor and the barbell itself, when dropping the barbell is common, like in Olympic weightlifting, or dropping deadlifts in Powerlifting. Shape your training space to fit your needs with exceptional bumper plates, made for dynamic training setups. 

These Bumper Plates are 

  • Tested and approved by professional athletes and commercial gyms
  • Premium level quality 
  • Free from odour
  • Safe for the environment & you – no toxic plasticizers, European RoHS and REACH certified.
  • UV stable surface, for colour-longevity
  • Suitable for dropping

→ Also available as a 150kg set, consisting of two bumpers per size.

About the fully colour-coded Premium Black Bumper Plates

  • Material: Rubber + Virgin Rubber
  • Style: fully colour-coded
  • Collar material: stainless steel
  • Collar opening diameter: 50.6±0.2mm
  • All plates ranging from 5kg to 25kg have the same diameter of 45cm.
  • Weight tolerance: max. 1% of given weight
  • Proven high durability and longevity, through drop testing: 6k-10k drops
  • Durometer Scale: ~90 = low bounce rate

Please note: the plates are sold individually, not in pairs. Only the set comes with pairs of each weight.

→ Need a complete lifting setup for your ideal training space? Browse through our barbell collection, ranging from IPF approved barbells, Olympic weightlifting barbells, hybrid bars and more. 

Bumper plate widths (mm) 











FAQ – Good to know

What is the difference between bumper plates and competition plates?

  • Competition plates are actually thinner than regular rubber bumper plates, so you can fit more weight onto the bar. But, they are pricier because of the stainless-steel insert. High-quality bumper plates are an ideal and cost-effective solution for everyday training situations and well suited for home gyms or commercial facilities. Compared to steel plates, the rubber protects the floor and the equipment itself.

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