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Reverse Hyper

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Our Reverse Hyper Machine is great for the development of the glutes, hamstrings, lower and middle back. This machine is a must for any strength athlete!

Weight approximately 70kg
Height 130cm total including handles (or 114cm from floor to top of the pad)
Width 136cm total (90cm width without plate sleeves attached)
Depth 115cm (+10cm for handles)
Loading pins 23cm loadable length each
Pad 90cm x 60cm
Loading pins (pair) rated to 100kg
Cradle is adjustable by up to 9cm for users of different leg lengths.

Customer Reviews

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Anti christ
Really Good bit of kit

So i bought a reverse hyper cause of problem's with my pelvis and lower back useing it is helping and i'm slightly adicted to useing it, it really feel's good to do a twisting crossed leg arm lock after doing a set, very good improvement's.