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Plate Loadable Adjustable Kettlebell Swing

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Plate Loadable Adjustable Kettlebell Swing. Great, compact addition to any training. Work grip, fitness, strength and speed with the Plate Loadable Adjustable Kettlebell Swing. Add a bit of variety into your training.

Easily adjust how much or how little weight the Kettlebell is loaded to with the quick release pin making it quick and easy to adjust the amount of the weight.

Approximate spec:
49cm high
Handle 30cm long and 32mm diameter
Suitable for Olympic Plates with 2" diameter hole
Weighs approx 1.7kg
Max load rating 100kg

*Note - Plates not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Hollosi
A must have

Strength Shop delivers as always. Great quality and quick delivery. Elevate your heavy swings and one arm deadlifts to another level!

Arm wrestling Chris
Recommend A+

I brought this for my birthday to have more options with kettlebell training. It's really good, looks cool and can do many exercises with it. I use it for arm wrestling training and also sumo squats. I'd definitely recommend. Bargain for the money.

Surprisingly good

Loaded this up to 60k and it is a solid bit of kit. Plates kept in place by pins. Natural swing and no awkwardness that I thought might be there not using a proper kettlebell.


I bought these after being extremely impressed by the quality of the SS EZ bar. Suffice to say, I was not disappointed with these. They are extremely sturdy in construction, yet easy to load and unload via a rapid dual-pin system, which releases the handle and weight plate in turn, allowing you to load or de-load. I use these instead of dumbells, and it's worth noting that they are longer than regular kettlebells, and the handle is a bit larger, too, so I have learned to slightly adjust my grip and hand positioning accordingly. The increased tension time and growth stimulation you can get using these for chest flyes or different biceps/triceps variations is remarkable. They are also great for weighted carry variations. I am delighted I bought them.