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Olympic Swiss Bar

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The Strength Shop Swiss bar, provides the facility to work with a completely neutral grip and three different grip widths for a variety of pressing and rowing exercises.

Ideal for those with shoulder problems and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

Suitable for a variety of lifts, including,
Bench press
Tricep extensions
Hammer curls
Bent Over Rows

This bar is designed for rehab and/or assistance work hence we advise using lighter weights, however the recommended max load is 150kg. This bar is not designed to be dropped on the floor, and doing so will void any warranty.

10kg in weight
2100mm long
400mm sleeves
Handle spacing 160mm/360mm/560mm
1300mm collar to collar

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Saved my joints

I use this bar over a normal barbell. I have torn my pec twice on a barbell and the Swiss bar is amazing. I feel totally safe and it’s impossible to use bad form. I can bench heavy without my shoulders flaring up or my elbows hurting. If you have bad joint or injuries from benching I can’t recommend this bar

Really great bar!

Really great bar, great for overhead presses and benching without having to deal with the internal rotation that happens when using a regular straight barbell. Also feels great for rows, hammer curls and tricep extensions. Excellent quality for the price.

John P
Wide variety of uses

This bar has quickly become one of my favourite bits of kit. It's really comfortable to press and row with, even for clients who have shoulder and/or elbow issues, and the lightness of it makes it very useful for coaching beginners. I've used it for bench rows, bench presses, bent over rows, Pendlay rows, press-ups, presses, curls, triceps extensions and even on top of the power rack for neutral grip chin-ups - I'm sure there are plenty more ways to use it, too. Well worth the investment.

Richie Guy

£100 for a bar which will add massive variety to your training and take some stress off your shoulders when pressing? It's a no brainer. I've had swiss bars from other companies and spent far more only to be disappointed when they breakdown prematurely or have been made to the wrong spec. The bar is also light enough to teach those with minimal upper body strength and work up more slowly.

Swiss Bar rules if you have shoulder issues.

Was having terrible shoulder problems. Couldn't press intensively for the last year with my Olympic bar because pronate grip means internally rotated shoulders. Thought the Swiss bar might help. It did, and then some. The Swiss Bar arrived promptly. Immediately put it through its paces. The neutral grip allows me to press, incline, close grip bench, without hurting my shoulders. Also find the Swiss Bar very useful for Pendlay rows, which I like to do for high reps like 20, to balance all the pushing movements. Because of its tubular construction, it is 10kg. It doesn't have rotating sleeves, but neither has my Axle. It can certainly handle anything I can throw at it(up to 130kg rows, which get unceremoniously dropped, since they are explosive Pendlay style). And the price is so low. You can hardly put a price on pain free shoulders, being able to sleep on your side etc. This is a really great product.