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Olympic Screw Clamp Collars - Pair

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Olympic screw type collars, great for 48/49mm bars where spring collars don't take hold. Also ideal for dumbbells where space for collars is limited.

Collars are 2.5cm wide.

Price is for a pair of (2) collars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard Bresnahan
Excellent clamp collars

Looked at more expensive options to make sure dumbbells would be secure with a decent weight on . No need these are perfect .

Great little collars

Bought a couple of these for some loadable olympic dumbbells. Work a treat, 25mm wide as advertised and grip the sleeves nice and tight so no issues doing movements overhead, or things like goblet squats (gone up to 50kg on those no problem). After a few months haven't marked the sleeves at all, which I honestly was expecting they would. Replaced the supplied bolts with a pair of M12 allen bolts, which works out great for not having extra bits of metal poking you when working the dumbbells into position.

Great for dumbbells

These are ideally suited for dumbbell handles due to their size. They attach as tightly as you want them to and I've found no slipping so far. Sturdy and they come off and on quickly


Good collars. I loaded 80 kilo onto thick handled dumbbell handles(40 kilo a side) and turned dumbbell as if to do hammer curls an they held no probs, so they will hold what ever I can, very sturdy collars.


Awesome collars! I wanted them for dumbells and I can say they are awesome! I wanted adjustable dumbells at home. They easily hold 20kg per collar if you do them tight enough and they did not budge! I turned the bar vertical and shook the bar really hard and the collars did not slip so a pair of these collars in my opinion would safely make a 40kg dumbell. Thats all I need them for!