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Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar - 2.4m

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Reduced back strain: The Hex/Trap Bar design can help reduce tension in the lumbar spine, offering a hinge movement that has less risk of back injury than a traditional deadlift. 

Improved hip and leg power: Many lifters find that a Hex/Trap Bar deadlift allows them to use their legs and hips more effectively and lift more weight than with a conventional deadlift. 

Versatile: Whether you're a beginner learning the mechanics of deadlifting or a tall athlete who finds conventional deadlifting challenging, the Hex/Trap Bar is designed to accommodate various body types and skill levels. A lot of lifters also use it to shake up their routine, as you can lift a lot heavier with a Hex/Trap Bar.

Safety: The bar's structure helps maintain a stable position throughout the lift, reducing the risk of losing balance and compromising your form. 


This bar has two sets of handles that allow for various pulling heights and can be racked in most cages/rigs. With a high load capacity and long-loading pins, the Strength Shop Olympic Hex/Trap bar is rated to hold up to 400 kg, making it capable of enduring even the most demanding workouts.


Overall length: 238 cm
Width: 76 cm
Height: 16 cm
Weight: Approximately 40 kg
Width between handles: 58 cm
Sleeve length: 46.5 cm
Diameter of loading Pin: 50 mm
Diameter of grip: 30 mm
Rated load capacity: 400 kg


Who should use a Hex/Trap Bar?
The Hex/Trap Bar is suitable for anyone looking to deadlift while minimising back strain. It’s commonly used by athletes who want to minimise their injury risk (especially if they compete) but still want the benefits of a deadlift. 

Can the Hex/Trap Bar be used for exercises other than deadlifts?
Absolutely! While its primary purpose is deadlifts, you can also use a Hex/Trap Bar for accessory exercises like shrugs and farmer's walks.

How do I choose the right handle height?
Our bar has two handle heights, so you can swap between them based on your preferences and training goals. The lower handles mimic a more traditional deadlift, while the higher handles reduce the range of motion, making it easier for those with limited flexibility.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great addition to your gym

This is a very useful piece of kit that can add a lot to your workouts. Trap bars are great for doing deadlift and squat variations, but the shape of the bar makes them better than a straight bar for rows too, and they're clearly a good way to get your farmer's walks done. Strength Shop's customer service for this item was top-notch too. They'll really go the extra mile to make sure there are no problems.

Really robust

Just received 3 for my gym. On first impressions they look really robust and there a great size to give room for carries as well as dead lifts. Let's hope they work as well as they look!!

Solid doesn't cover it

A very solid, heavy duty piece of kit. I very much doubt you'll find a better made one although it's own weight and size is a consideration for storage / moving it around significantly when not in use is a requirement. Personally I am keeping it on it's side against the wall in a garage gym after a grapple to put it elsewhere. No back issues at all compared to standard deadlift which was the hoped for result.

Solid, beast of a bar.

Half an inch thicker grip and 15kg heavier than a standard bar its gonna feel big, heavy and made for the job. With the 15kilos extra I find I put the same amount onto the bar as my conventional deadlifts but with the added 15 is from been in a better position. It is expensive for an accessory movement. However if you have lumbar or sacrum issues to work out, this will be murciful to you. I enjoy it as a secondary deadlift but don't substitute fully.

A solid piece of kit.

I took delivery of the Heavy Duty Trap Bar today. I'm impressed. It was in continuous use all day. The two grip heights gives many options for all lifters. This is a solid piece of kit. Highly recommended.