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Olympic Extra Thin Competition Style Steel Plates 1.25kg - 25kg - Zinc Plated

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Weight: 1.25kg Steel Plate - Zinc Plated

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Powerlifting Steel Plates

Graded to within 0.5% of the target weight, our Powerlifting Steel Plates combine the best of two worlds: precision and durability. And with a plate selection ranging from 1.25kg - 25kg, lifters have the flexibility for loading both small and gradual or large and quick weight increments. The thin cut plate design also means there’s plenty of room on the barbell to work up to a really heavy PRs.

The centre hole of these plates is not as tight-fitted as our Calibrated Powerlifting Plates and will fit with ease to olympic sized bars, for easy handling during training. The zinc plated coating lends the steel extra protection and resilience, to ensure years of reliable use. 

Keep your elbows warm and supported during training, with a pair of Single Ply Elbow Sleeves!


  • Fits 50mm collars
  • Material - Steel with zinc coating
  • Thinly cut for maximum barbell loading 

* Price is for one plate, not a pair.

Sets are composted of the following plates:
1.25kg-2.5kg plate set - 1.25kgx2, 2.5kgx2
150kg plate set - 5kgx2, 10kgx2, 15kgx2, 20kgx2, 25kgx2
8 x 25kg plate set - 25kgx8

5kg steel plates are perfect for loadable dumbbells etc where space is limited, but suitable for any kind of use.

Bar not included, photos to illustrate purposes and to show how much space the plates take up on a standard olympic bar.


 Weight Diameter Thickness Tolerances
1.25KG 148mm 12mm +-0.75%
2.5KG 200mm 15mm +-0.5%
5KG 260mm 15mm +-0.5%
10KG 315mm 22mm +-0.5%
15KG 378mm 22mm +-0.5%
20KG 450mm 22mm +-0.5%
25KG 450mm 25mm +-0.5%

Check out Tom Stoltman squatting 300kg for reps using these plates and our Bastard Squat Bar

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2x20kg zinc weight plates

I bought 2x20kg weight plates Very good shiny zinc weight plates better than calibrated plates in my opinion because the paint doesn't come off like calibrated plates is more durable will buy more In future