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Olympic Dumbbell Handle - Black Zinc Coated

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Olympic dumbbell handle. 500mm total length. 50mm sleeves. 25.4mm shaft, weight 4.25kg. Sleeve length 180mm.

Ideal for training at home or at the gym. Made from strong steel and with black paint finish. Dumbbell handles are designed to take weight plates with a diameter of 2 Inches.
Knurled handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip so no matter how sweaty your hands get.

Price is for 1 (one) handle, NOT A PAIR.

We strongly recommend using our Riot Collars with these for safety reasons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good quality dumbbell handle

Bought a pair of these dumbbell handles and 5kg plates near the end of the last lock down. Loaded one up to 60kg which is more than I need and held up just fine.

Pretty sure the DHL driver hates me

Very good quality bars loaded them up with 60kg of riot plates in 5's and they can still fit snap collars without any issue, which is more than enough for me.


Bought these post covid lockdown to have some home equipment just incase. I'm really impressed with the quality loaded up 50kg of their iron plates and seem rock solid which is more than I will need 10/10 would recommend. Props to the delivery guy who had to run across a busy road with 100kg of plates because he couldn't find closer parking MVP status there.

Sturdy handles

Put simply these are like holding small barbells. The sleeves spin well and the grip is decent. There's no feeling at all that these are going to fall apart. Great addition for the home gym and I'll be getting more at some point to reduce loading/unloading dumbbell handles between super sets

Great quality

I was pressing with 110 lbs in each hand. That is the largest DB in our gym. Bought this to load more weight for shoulder press. So far it will take 130 lbs no problem. Great feel. Spins well. Good grip. Take extra care if using spring collars. Great buy.