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Olympic Cambered Bar

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Unstable for better muscle activation: The unique curved shape of the Olympic Cambered Bar introduces an element of instability during exercises like squats and bench presses. This demands greater muscle engagement from your core and stabiliser muscles. These muscles are crucial for strength training and preventing injury.  

Better depth and range of motion: The Cambered Bar’s design allows for a deeper squat by shifting the weight slightly forward compared to standard barbells. This adjustment helps improve the range of motion and activates additional muscle groups.

Versatility: While it’s mostly used for squats, the Cambered Bar is also great for activating stabiliser muscles during the bench press. 


If your gym has a Cambered Bar, you know they don’t skip leg day. Initially a favourite among powerlifters aiming to improve their squat, this bar is finally being recognised across the broader fitness community for its unique benefits. 

The curved design of the Cambered Bar shifts the centre of gravity slightly forward during squats, forcing you to maintain tighter form in the lower position than you might with a conventional barbell. This increases the difficulty and alters the engagement of the muscles involved.

It’s not just for squats: the Cambered Bar proves invaluable for bench presses, where its inherent instability increases the challenge and intensity of the exercise, building your core and stabiliser muscles in the process. 

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Weight: 25kg
Diameter of shaft: 50mm
Sleeves to collar: 310mm
Rated load: Up to 400kg


What advantages does the Cambered Bar offer over traditional barbells?
The unique curve of the Cambered Bar creates instability, forcing greater muscle activation in your back and core.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Cambered Bar?
You won’t have to worry about outgrowing the cambered bar: it can support up to 400kg.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrick McD
Beautiful bar

Straight away you know this bar is meant to last.. Came quick and very well sealed

Top Class

Very well made cambered bar . Nice finish. Solid feel. Bought for box squatting and really happy. Great for bench too.

Awesome bar and service from strength shop

Excellent service arrived 24 hours after ordered. Amazing bar to use, use in a mono rack . amazing quality